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Western Influence On Indian Fashion Industry

For a very long time, British Colonialism in India has affected the Indian culture significantly. With again the globalization Indian fashion today does reflect western influence.

From ancient times, Indian fashion and tradition have stayed on the top of the world, but due to globalization, there is a lot of influence and clear western effect on the Indian fashion industry trends.

With almost 28 states and 7 union territories, India is known for its diversity with unique fashion in each part. Ranging from the salwar till the necklines these have undergone great changes. The Indian fashion industry has gained a dramatic change in western fashion.

Here are some of the changes in western influence on Indian dresses. Here we have discussed in detail the gradual change in the Indian tradition that has experienced over the years and its change due to the influence of the western trend.

Short-Style Kurtis

Source: YouTube

During the early years, the traditional way of wearing Kurtis was with bold prints that were popular. Though they are still in demand, there arise the short Kurti fashions with beautiful necklines give the traditional dresses a touch competition.

Earlier, these bold print Kurtis and short ones were the traditions of wearing along with the churidars, but western trends have brought them to wear on top of jeans which have become the latest Indian fashion.

Floor-length anarkalis have become the rage of dresses these days. These traditional wear are often worn along with western pants which have become the style in India among the youth these days. These types of Kurtis are available online.

Casual Crepes And Lined Skirts

Source: Fashion8Home

It has been an Indian fashion that lehengas are worn by women of all age groups and is considered to be one of the best traditional wear for bridal women. However, these days the lehengas have come up with the casual crinkled crepes and lined skirts that are now considered for the normal parties, social gatherings, or for meetings.

Strap And Halter Neck Blouses

Source: ShaadiSaga

For a long time, the short and long sleeves blouses were in the fashion among the Indian ladies. But today these blouses have evolved with straps and various neck styles that have brought a change in the Indian tradition with some western tinch.

Denim Of Different Varieties

Source: Cosmopoliton.com

As we all know that denim dresses and jeans have been a popular outfit for all men and women in India. During the parties in those days, formal wear was the common outfit. Though it is still in demand, we hardly see them with a dearth of people wearing them.

There are many international and western patterns of denim that are available and each one with new designs on them. The western influence on Indian clothing is making them trendier and elegant that allows us to show more chick appealing.

Half Lehengas Saree

Source: YouTube

From ancient times, wearing saree is the popular trend among the Indian ladies for almost every function and occasion. But these days, the traditional way of tying saree and the designs of sarees have drastically changed as they got the western touch in them.

For instance, the sarees have changed to half lehengas type to give an elegant look over the traditional wear.

There are other influences of western fashion on the Indian clothing culture some of them are:

  • Brightly colored
  • Loose hangings
  • Handwoven textiles
  • Regional differences

There are also other characteristic features of western clothing including:

  • Tight
  • Mass production
  • Tailored to fit stitch
  • Pale and subdued colors
  • Pants over the skirts

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