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5 Creative Ideas To Create Your Own Quarantine Fashion

Currently, the whole world is living in quarantine time. No one is allowed to step out of their houses. You can step out of your houses only for essential services. Being a woman, you might be finding it difficult to just sit in one place without experimenting with your dresses.

For all those, who are spending their days in boredom, we have a very exciting thing for you. It is particularly for those who are fashion geeks and love trying new outfits every day.

In this quarantine time too, you can dry different outfits. But the problem is you won’t be able to wear them in the outside world and won’t be able to get praise from your dear ones.

But do not get disappointed, because we have come up with some creative and interesting ideas that will make your boredom go away.

Innovate Your Thinking

The time has come when you can innovate different clothing ideas to flaunt them in front of your family members. You might have become irritated wearing similar household clothes every day.

What if we tell you that you can design your clothes inside your home and flaunt them on social media? One never knows when a thing might become a trend.

Below mentioned are some ideas that you can follow to design and try your outfit for the day.

# Cardboard Outfit

Source: YouTube

It might sound odd in the beginning, but it would be a fun thing to do. You will just need a pair of scissors, a few cardboard pieces, tape, and some pins.

You can make a funny yet interesting dress for your young ones and even for you during this quarantine. You just need to cut and attach cardboard pieces to give them a dress like a look.

Once completed, it would look like a robot made out of cardboard. You can also paint this outfit from outside. Try painting patterns or designs to give this outfit an amazing look. It will not only refresh your mind, but it might also help you increase followers on social media.

# Newspaper Outfit

Source: Santa Maria Times

This one is not a new thing but yes, it is a perfect thing to do in quarantine. All you need is some newspapers, a pair of scissors, tape, and pins. Wear a dark color t-shirt and start wrapping newspaper around it.

Shape them according to your desire. Try to create interesting shapes out of sheets of newspaper. It gives you a fresh and unique look.

# Give Your Clothes A New Look

Source: YouTube

Most of us do not want to wear a dress that we have worn on multiple occasions. We always want to dump those outfits. Instead of throwing away those dresses, try to give them a new look.

It can be done in many different ways. You can cut your dress from different places to give it an interesting look. If you have a sewing machine at your place, you can attach two different clothes and make a different outfit from there combination.

# Make Use Of Bedsheets

Source: YouTube

All of us have bedsheets that we have do not use. These bedsheets are either very old or have sports on them. Instead of throwing away these bedsheets, you can make very good and creative use of them.

Take a bedsheet and try to give it a shape that fits your body completely. You can make a Poncho Dress out of a bedsheet ver easily. In case your bedsheet has spots on it, you don’t have to worry about that.

You can make a pattern of similar sports all over your dress with paint. You can also cover these spots with a cloth and give it a new look.

# Make Your Own Jewelry

Source: Inhabitat

You can also make your jewelry products at home. You can not make jewelry of gold or silver by yourself, but you can make jewelry with things that are present nearby you.

You can make earrings out of leaves and flowers. You can design your bracelet if you have beads and threads at your place.

Organize In-House Fashion Show 

Do not stop yourself after creating these amazing outfits. Organize a fashion show at your house where all your family members would create and showcase their self-made outfits. It would a great way to spend Quaratine Time.


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