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5 Destinations To Detox Your Stressful Mind

Wellness travel has become one of the best detox vacations in recent times. Thus people flung to go around to be an active retreat across the globe. There will be many places to explore to detox your stressful mind. On the other hand, there will be numerous places to restore it.

After reaching the end of the stressful year spending lot of time concentrating on business and other household commitments, a physical detox is a welcome way to start your next year. This will help you to rejuvenate, refresh, and inspire from the inner soul.

Today detox is not to have some charcoal smoothies or going to the nearby places to do something which energize you for a few hours. It has grown to an extent to encompass the aspects of emotional and mental well-being too.

Here are some of the 5 destinations where you can find yourself getting great health and wellness.

Cala Luna boutique and villas

Source: Booking.com

If you wanted to spend your time in a tropical paradise, and among the sounds of nature around the Pacific Ocean, then reaching Cala Luna is the best destination.

The place offers transformative yoga classes that are available during the morning and in the evening to rejuvenate both your mind and body while enjoying the mindfulness.

Spa Eastman – Canada

Source: Forbes

There are spas which can help you to improve your health benefits that include stress relieving, circulation of blood and detox your body as you revolve around the cycles of hot to cold hydrotherapy.

Here is the best place which has the combination of all the above health benefits and the place will definitely wake up your senses. Just try breathing in the fresh air and engage yourself to reach the forest nearby.

Hilton Sedona Resort – Arizona

Source: YouTube

The place will definitely hypnotize you with its nature’s beauty and thereby detox your body and soul. The place is located at the foot of the red rocks, which is the home of Eforea Spa and known for its best therapies.

The property has numerous hiking trails and many adventurous places to go along which helps you to refresh your mind and body.

Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

Source: Booking.com

The place provides a promise to offer a holistic approach for both mind and body. It is located in Thailand and is known as the island of healing, which is located in the lush forest.

It has the best kitchen, serves natural and organic seafood options along with the fitness centres, yoga, pilates, and other classes which focuses on detoxing the body and soul of the person. There are also other options including weight management, anti-stress and lifestyle changing tasks that make you dip in the infinity pool.

The farm, Philippines

Source: Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The farm in the Philippines is the world-renowned sanctuary located in the tropical jungle. The place has all the best that makes us go near to the nature ranging from the luxurious villas to that of the award-winning cuisines.

The place is known for the treatment packages that are offered at three categories including holistic, art therapy and aqua alkaline baths.


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