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5 Different Ways To Style Your Stole

Accessories have the power to beautify your overall. Be it earrings, bracelets, or scarfs, everything has its own signature style. But a wrong accessory can also ruin your overall look. For example, wearing the wrong neckpiece can make you look gaudy.

Then comes a stole. It is also called a scarf, and other things depending upon its size. There are various ways in which you can flaunt your amazing scarf with your dress. The time is over when you used to only wear a scarf around your neck.

Here, in this article, you will get to know about different ways in which you can style your stole.

# Stole Belt

Source: Cosmopolitan

Stole Belt is the newest in the trend. If you are bored of using black and brown leather belts around your waists, the stole is the best option. You can innovate yourself by flaunting your stole around your waist. It will give you a different option other than common belts and will look something out of the box.

# Braided Stoles

Source: Cosmopolitan

You must have heard about braids but have you heard about stole braids? It is another creative way of using a stole or a scarf. It would be more convenient if you use a scarf for this purpose. All you need to do is drape the scarf around your neck and tie a loose half-knot with both ends.

Repeat the procedure in the same way you make hair braids. The final result would give you a unique look and would make your outfit look even better.

# Belted Cape

Source: Obsessions Fashion

It is a commonly used way of using a stole or a scarf. All you need to is drape your stole around your neck. Then spread it out in front. Complete your look by wearing a belt to hold both the ends of the scarf together.

# Flyaway Vest

Source: Real Simple

It is perhaps the easiest and the best way of using a scarf. You just have to make know with both the ends of the stole or a scarf. Then wear it over your t-shorts, shirts to get a stylish look.

# One-Sided Drape

Source: Hi Fashion

Another amazing way to use a stole is by wearing it on just one shoulder. Drape your scarf over your shoulder and fasten a belt to hold the scarf. This look would definitely make you look like a model or a fashionista.


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