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5 Fashion Trends Banned For The Royal Family But A Good Choice For You

Everyone around the world has its own opinion and choice of living. There would be no denying that the life of the royal members would look different outside of the confines from royal duties.

There are plenty of functions across the globe for the royal members to attend. Many events won’t be sanctioned by the queen and won’t feel pressured to wear something that can scream the royalty.

Here are some of the trends that are banned for the royal members but are open choices for us. These include:

  • Bare legs

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Royal members are reported and insisted to wear tights though they are sheer while conducting their royal duties. The rule was bent by the royal women before in the past. The rules of wearing the tights are must for all the royal members across the globe.

But these rules are not meant for normal people. We are allowed to wear a long frock with no tights on.

  • Ripped jeans

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Prior to the wedding or becoming the queen, they are allowed to wear ripped jeans. But after becoming the queen, the royal members have to ditch these ripped jeans in favour with the sleek dark-wash version.

Wearing ripped and skinny jeans are restricted to the royal members while it is open to us to wear anytime we wish to with different varieties in it.

  • Dark Nail Polish

Source: PopSugar

Many reports and quotes say that there is a rule which is unspoken between the royals and nail polish. The royals are allowed to wear or apply only neutral shades such as nude and light pink and can rarely step out with some dark shades.

But once they are left behind with the royalty, they are allowed to wear these dark shades back. We are allowed to wear any kind of dark shaded nail polish. It is restricted to the royal women to show their elegant look while doing royal duties.

  • Leggings

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Before the royal women join their family, they are often seen wearing leggings while doing some exercises or yoga. But once they join their family among the royal members, they are always spotted with the casual staple pants or wore trousers instead of these leggings.

They are not allowed to wear either waist leggings or cotton leggings while they are on their royal duties. While these restrictions are not applicable to the common people and we are free to buy any varieties of leggings that can suit us.

  • Fur clothes

Source: Pinterest

Though so long the royal society enjoyed wearing the fur clothes on them that has been their favourites for the decades. Any garments that are made for the monarch or for the women in the royal society including coats, robes, or hats required furs that are made out of fake variety.

Thereby the monarch is allowed to wear only their existing pieces in the wardrobe that are made out of pure material fur right from the coats to the hats. While on the other hand, normal people are allowed to buy any kind of materials made out of fur.


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