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5 Rules You Must Follow Before Wearing A Tiara

Nothing will look so glamour and gorgeous than wearing a tiara. The tiara is the ultimate piece that can be worn in dressing and regularly adorned by people of royalty. We all being women wish to be a princess, but don’t need to be trouble, someone.

While wearing tiara project a touch of glamour look to an outfit, it is essential to know the way of wearing it correctly.

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Tiara’s placement

As we have all seen the tiara with children while playing by simply plonking it on their head and they still hope that it won’t fall off.

But when you wanted to actually wear it, there is a specific method to be followed when placing a crown on your head. The wearer should follow some basic rules and should abide by certain procedures to get the correct position.

Rules to be followed before you wearing a tiara

  1. According to the ancient myth, unmarried girls are not supposed to wear tiaras. The people those days consider that their youth is more adornment when compared to the value of tiara. So they made sure that women should wear their first tiara during their wedding.
  2. On the same side, the tiara which the girl wears for the first time during her wedding should come from her own family. After the wedding, she should be destined to wear those from her husband’s side.
  3. The other rule to be followed is that the tiaras are not allowed to use during the day time means it should not compete with the sun. So it is necessary to wear tiaras only in the evenings
  4. These tiaras should be supported by a metal frame that is made out of velvet. And this velvet should match the hair color of the wearer.
  5. No veil is allowed to be attached along with the tiara during the wedding. As the weight of the veil might drag you back and will force you to remove early by the night.

There are other tips to be followed before you wearing tiara such as:

  • Not to take a head bath before you wearing a tiara. This might look out of rule but it actually helps you to give more grips to tiara with the grease below it.
  • Try different styles of tiara before you wearing on your head which might give you a different look. Suppose if you have a long face, the pointy tiara will make you look longer.
  • If you have a round face, then the round style will look more like a moon. So it is simple to have the opposite shape of the tiara for your face.


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