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5 Things You Should Use Keep Your Home Germ-Free

A clean and healthy environment is always our priority. Especially during this quarantine, it has become really important for us to keep our surroundings clean. If you are in a misconception of what a clean house is, you must read this article.

Usually whatever we see is not the reality and the case is the same with your apartment. Your apartment might look very beautiful from naked eyes, but it might still be full of germs that are very small to be seen from naked eyes.

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How To Make Your House Germ-Free

You will find many products in the market to clean your kitchen tiles, floors, and other sections of your house. There is a possibility that some of you might not have these products. For that case, we have brought something very useful for you to keep your house germ-free.

There are many things that are always present at your place but you an unaware of them. Some of these are the perfect ingredients to clean different areas of your apartment and make them germ-free.

These things are;

# Olive Oil: Helps In Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Every house has wooden furniture. We use wooden furniture in a very rough manner and a result they get scratches very easily on them. These scratches can become a habitat for germs that can prove out to be harmful to us.

This is where Olive Oil comes at our rescue. All you need to do is mix a few drops of lemon juice in olive oil. Use the mixture on the furniture to smoothen out the texture.

# Baking Soda: Helps In Cleaning Kitchen Sink

Baking Soda is used for making different food items and is available in every house. Another important use of baking soda is in cleaning Kitchen Sink. All you need to is take a spoon full of baking soda and put in on a sponge.

Thereafter, all you have to is clean your sink and wash it properly with water. Using Baking Powder would give you clean and a germ-free sink.

# Vinegar: Helps In Cleaning MirrorĀ 

Vinegar is the best ingredient to clean dirty and oily mirrors. You just need to add half a cup of Vinegar into three to four cups of warm water. Spray the solution on your amazing, rub it off, and wait for the amazing results.

# Kosher Salt: Helps In Removing Dirt Around Taps and Sink

Kosher Salt is another ingredient that has many amazing uses. It is used to clean the left-over residue of soaps around sinks and taps. To clean them, you just have to sprinkle the required amount of salt on the dirty areas.

Clean the area with a wet sponge for the amazing results.

# Acetone: Helps In Cleaning Marbles And Tiles

Marbles and tiles are the things in every house that get dirty very quickly. If not cleaned regularly, you will notice layers of oil and dirt on them. It becomes a troublesome task to wash these stains off from the marble.

Acetone (your nail polish remover) is the best solution for this problem. Make a paste of Acetone and Baking Soda. Apply the paste on those stains and leave it for a day.

Rinse off the marble and tiles the very next morning to witness a shiny, clean, and germ-free marble.

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