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5 Tips And Advice To Maintain Your Health and Fitness During Quarantine

It seems as if the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus will continue for a longer period of time. Many countries have increased the lockdown period. In India, the deadline for the lockdown has been shifted further for two weeks.

For some, this lockdown is a period of eating loads of food, playing games, and relaxing on their couch. For those, who had a habit of going for a gym, running in parks, it might be a concerning situation.

Source: WHO/Europe

It is really important for all of us to maintain our health and fitness during this quarantine lockdown, and particularly for women. All of you love being healthy, fit, and beautiful. This lockdown might make you look fat and chubby because you just have to sit at your house for the whole time.

But it is not impossible for you to maintain your health and fitness in this lockdown. You just have to make a daily routine and follow some tips and advice. There are plenty of things that you can do in your homes easily.

Source: Harvard Health – Harvard University

These are various ways through which you can maintain your Quarantine fitness.

# Balanced And Healthy Diet

There is no kind of food products that can save you from this deadly virus. But the least thing we can do is to keep our immune system stronger. A strong immune system will help us fight from all other ailments that might harm our body in different ways

A healthy and balanced diet includes eating fruits and vegetables, processed food items, eating and drinking dairy products, etc. No one says that you should not enjoy eating delicious and your favorite food. You just need to maintain a balance between everything.

Eating oily and unhealthy food regularly could severely harm your immune system and your body. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle during this period.

# Avoid Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating is something that occurs when you have a sudden panic or anxiety attack. To calm yourself calm, some people start eating unhealthy things even when they are not hungry.

In such a situation, you must find other ways to divert your mind instead of eating food. You can start watching a movie or reading a book. Avoid eating in such situations.

The food you eat at this moment can severely affect your body internally. It can harm your immune system that will make your body prone to many diseases

# Keep Your Body Hydrated

You must maintain a constant intake of liquid products, particularly water to keep your body hydrated. It does not matter whether you are doing a lot of physical work or not, you must fulfill the daily requirement of water that your body needs.

Although you indirectly intake around 30% water through the food you eat, you need to drink mineral water to fulfill the remaining requirement.

Dehydration makes your immune system weak and affects you both internally and externally.

# Maintain Hygenic Environment

Lockdown does not mean that you should just sit and relax for the whole. You must keep your surroundings clean. You must practice safe food hygiene and must always wash your hands before eating anything.

Washing your hands before eating anything would restrict germs to enter into your body and would help you maintain a healthy body.

# Regular Exercise

It is the most important thing you must do while sitting at your home. Sitting and relaxing at a particular place for hours can make your body weak and restless.

Try to work out at least 30 minutes daily. It will your muscles intact and will also make your immune system healthy. Do not worry if you do not have gym equipment at your home.

Even if you are doing aerobics for 30 minutes, it would be sufficient for a day. Various online classes inform you about the exercises that you can easily do while being at home.

You should also take regular breaks from sitting. Indulge yourself in different activities like dancing and playing games with your loved ones.


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