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5 Trendy Ethnic Dresses For Party Wear

India is popular for its vast diversity across the world. Though there are many states and union territories splits India, Ethnic clothing is one thing that distinguishes between these states from each other. It is really incredible to know that artisans create the traditional aspects of the dresses.

For making such traditional dress which is for party wear, it needs intensive labour work and requires a lot of attention to it. This is the reason why some of the unique traditional clothes with styles are costly when compared to those of the normal ones.

Due to the increase in the production cost of these clothing, the art forms on these traditional clothing is dying as very few can afford the cost of the dress. Because of these reasons, the textile industry in India has come up with various methods to sustain these talents to preserve them.

Traditional Dress Looks Perfect For Parties

There are many dresses that carry old traditions from ages that keep connected with the roots of making and creating. While on the other hand there are many new ethnic dresses that have come up in the recent year that allow us to look stylish, a tradition in modern outlook.

Here are some of the ethnic dresses for party wear.

# Ghagra – Choli

Source: YouTube

This is a kind of pleated skirt which fits along with the short or long fitted blouse. It comes with the dupatta that gives an elegant way of wearing this ethnic dress for many party wears and occasions including weddings, birthdays and other functions.

The dress comes with many varieties and collections and based on the artwork on it, the cost of the dress varies.

# Kanchipuram Sarees

Source: YouTube

The Kanchipuram sarees is one of the best among all the other ethnic wears. It is a type of silk that is made from the place called Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, South India. The sarees are made in a variety of colours and are worn as bridal, on special occasions.

The cost varies based on the silk that is being used to prepare the sarees and amount of it vary based on the designs.

# Traditional Embroidery Sarees

Source: Mantra Fashion

While Kanchipuram sarees stand on one side, these designers and embroidery sarees occupy the rest of the place in the ethic wear part. These are made out of georgette, silk, cotton, and other clothes which can attract many with its embroidery art embossed on it.

Though it requires a lot of labour to concentrate on it, the sarees look extremely beautiful for the party. The cost of this ethnic collection varies based on the artwork made on it.

# Designer Salwar Kameez

Source: YouTube

This is the set of ethnic dress that comes in two separate sets. This includes Kurti on the top and a bottom to wear along with the dupatta. Together this ethnic dress can be worn for many occasions and considered to the most comfortable wear for all times.

The ethic dress can be made embroidery, patched with stones, or designed with many gems to make it attractive for the party.

# Anarkali Suits

Source: Pehnava Fashion Marts

The suits are trending in recent days that are made out of a long, frock style top with a slim fitted bottom pant. These suits come as a whole frock as a single piece which allows you to look more gorgeous with comfortable suiting. As the name signifies the ethnic wear is a blend of softness, vulnerability, elegance and beauty.

These are made out of different materials including net, satin, silk or cotton that are embellished with extraordinary embroideries, stonework, handwork including zari, etc.

Try Indo-Western For A Different Look

Indian ethnic wear is a blend of western wear with the traditional aspect which is now called as the fusion wear. Indian ethnic wear along with the culture has come up with many varieties that stand as two sides of the coin means it shows the Indian culture in a different way.


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