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5 Useful Tips And Tricks To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

When it comes to cosmetics especially eyeliners, it is the trickiest job to apply. When it is in the liquid form, then it just spells trouble every time we use. Most of us feel bad to spend too much time in reapplying over again as it meets our eyelids sometimes gets smudge.

Most of us prefer the eyeliner pencil which is the original soft version of it. There is other new adhesive eyeliner stencils have come in the market to make our work easier. There are many varieties and comfortable designs which have come up. Still, there is a possibility of not applying them correctly and perfectly over the eyes.

Here we have come up with some of the tricks and tips to use the eyeliner perfectly.

  • Make Your Eyeliner Last Longer With A Matching Eye Shadow

Source: L’Oréal Paris

The first thing you need to do when you wanted to use your eyeliner is to start with the pencil liner and take a same shade of eyeshade, lightly dust it on top of the liner just to make sure it holds the liner in its place. This is one of the tricks you might use when you wanted to show yourself a perfect look.

  • Apply Eyeliner With Precise Lines

Source: Marie Claire

The main problem when you are using the liner with the pencils, you might end up using them with the blunt liner rather than the sharper pencils. These might result in lining your eyes dull rather than the sharp and bright colour.

So if you find your eyeliner pencil turns thick and smudgy irrespective of the way you apply it, then it is the right time to give your pencil a sharp. Lining your eyes with the flat tip rather than the sharp one, leave you with rough and uneven lines.

  • Applying Eyeliner That Doesn’t Transfer

Source: Cosmopolitan

Every time you apply eyeliner, there are chances for it to get a transfer on to your eyelids that leave behind a stamp of pigment. The transfer of this eyeliner is annoying after you have perfectly lined up with your pencil but this is also fairly common.

If you have smaller, oily skin or hooded eyelids, applying the liner is a much difficult task. In these cases, it is advisable to increase the height of the eyeliner so the lines are visible when you open your eyes.

  • Applying The Colour Eyeliner

Source: YouTube

Are you sick of applying continuously and regularly with the black or dark shade eyeliner? Then it is the time to shift to the colour eyeliners that have recently come up in the market with a combination of plain and glitters mixed to give you a starry look.

But being the first time, are you totally confused about figuring out how to apply these coloured eyeliners on the lids? Here are some tips on how to use them. Try keeping it simple and accentuate the upper and lower lash with a thin line of colour rather going for the thick or full-on.

  • Tips To Apply Winged Eyeliner

Source: YouTube

The main problem the women facing when applying eyeliner are that the lines are not even on both the eyes. The lines sometimes won’t be even when you start drawing them on both the eyes. The best tip for getting the even lines on both the eyes is to start lining them with thin lines, rather going for the thick line.

So if it is being thicker on one side, you can build the same line thicker on the other side easily. But if you end up thicker on both the eyes, then all you need to do is to shave them down using a cotton swab.


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