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6 Amazing Ideas To Make The Best And Creative Use Of This Lockdown Period

The coronavirus pandemic has constrained us at home and changed the way we were doing things starting from working to schooling, office routines, cooking timings, socializing and other things between us.

The outbreak has also slowly changed our food habits by allowing us to consume depending on the availability of essential groceries and other vegetables. During this lockdown with your family, the only sane thing that you can do for yourself is to stick close to your family and your loved ones around you.

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With all the offices, colleges and schools shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19, students and parents have no other option but to spend time with family at home. Everyone now started spending most of the time in front of the television, stick to gadgets or PlayStation over a long time by keeping themselves productive in their own ways they wish to. To overcome the lockdown difficulty, here are a few new things to try out with your family.

# Board gaming

Wondering what to do to kill your time with your family around you during this lockdown? Try playing board games such as carom, snakes and ladder, business, and other interesting games with your kids and family.

These games not only build a sense of teamwork among the family but create a fun mood and mentally alert throughout the day. These might be from monopoly, ludo, uno or poker, rummy and many lists of games that can make you spend valuable time with your family members.

# Learn new skills

Our life has become hectic with office and other works that keep us occupied throughout our lives which have allowed less time to spend learning new or creative skills. During this lockdown, you can learn a great way of cooking if you are not good at it.

Learn some home recipes from elders or grandparents which help you to whip your loved ones around you. Look for some cooking recipes online and try them to impress your loved ones or bring creative skills hidden inside you.

# Make time for yourself

Spend some time for yourself for a few hours in a day, as it is easy to slip out of the mood and getting on nerves with each other when joined together at home all day.

Just take some time to read some books on the table or under the shelf which you have planned to read for a long time or just turn on some online plethora movies on Amazon, Netflix or other media.

# Get active with kids around you at home

If you have kids around you, then you are lucky to be locked with them during the lockdown. Though playing and engaging with them is tiresome and exhausting, you can spend valuable time with them in your life.

You can engage them by playing board games, reading them some story-books, or involving them in any house cleaning activity. There are many online apps that give you free story-books such as Tinkle and other cosmic stories.

# Gardening with your family

If you are a nature lover, then engage your family members to help you in gardening. If you are thinking to remodel or replant your little space around your house, then this is the right time to spend along with your family.

You can involve your kids and elders to create a small lawn around your house in this lockdown which not only brings joy but also helps bring in creative ideas hidden in you.

# Get involved in painting or drawing, or decoring your house

Tired of seeing routine arrangements around you in your living, dining area. Then it is the right time to rearrange sofas, chairs, tables, or dining arrangements to a new and different look. This might help you to come out of your mood swings and can engage you and your family members involving in wholesome activity for a day.

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