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6 Stylish Ways To Style Your Sarong For The Perfect Look

The summer is here and we have the reason to lie near the swimming pools and beaches whenever we feel like. Do you know what would be the best part of this swim and beachwear? Of course, it is a bikini, but sarong is also equally interesting and fun dress.

If you think there is only one perfect way to wear this, then it is the right time to change your mind. With all these in mind, the versatile sarong is the perfect attire and accessory to go with swimwear.

Sarong wrap is nothing but a long scarf that is usually tied around the waist. This one-piece sarong has now come up with endless patterns, designs, and fits. Until now some wear it as a dress, while few wear them as a basic skirt under their favourite top.

Many people tie them around their head. But in this article, we have come up with different ways to style your sarong to give you a flattery look during your vacations to the beach and swim pools.

Here are a few stylish ways you can wear your sarong to make you look appealing at the beach and near the pool.

  • As A One-Shoulder Costume

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This is the simplest way of tying the sarong during the summer. Tie the two corners of the sarong over one shoulder and make it a knot. This will allow you to look like a one-shoulder dress.

These can be worn with the printed sarong and can take you directly to the dinner from the beach with ease. You can show you more appealing by wearing some sandals, headbands, earrings, and you can work this style of dressing with some messy hair.

  • Slit Wrap Skirt Across The Hip

Source: Pinterest

Here is another way to tie your sarong while you are walking towards the edge of the beach or near the pool. Place your sarong at your waistline and tie the two ends together to create a sarong wrap skirt look.

Pair this type of sarong dress with some low heels and cropped shirt on the top. This duty spin wrap works well for some casual get together during spring days. You can have sunglasses on, loop earrings.

  • Twist And Necktie Pattern

Source: Nicobar

A sarong can be tied in many different ways. Here is one such where you need to take two corners of the sarong and hold it behind your back horizontally. And then bring it towards the front and just make a knot at your bust area.

Just make sure you have an extra cloth to tie it around your neck behind. Finally, take the corners of the sarong and tie a neat knot behind your neck.

  • Wear It As A Kimono

Source: rockflowerpaper

Are you bored of wearing a sarong in its old style? Then here another interesting way of tying the sarong while you wanted to show yourself a chic during the shopping day out. Top the sarong over the dress and wrap it.

Add this layer to any outfit to give you a great look. Try picking the prints plain and not as vibrant as you are wearing them on the dress top. Wear some sneaker shoe, earrings, and sunglasses for a more appealing look during the summer.

  • Waist Cinching Dress Pattern

Source: Jollychic

Hold the sarong up vertically in front of you. Take the two corners from the top, tie a knot behind your neck and allow the sarong to slide down in front of your body. Now take the two corners from the bottom and lift the sarong to your waist and wrap it around you and finally tie a knot. This looks appealing with sunglasses and perfect loop earrings.

  • Wear It As A Blouse

Source: PopSugar

When you wanted to wear this sarong over the jean, then camouflage the robe sarong wrap to your everyday jean. This type of wearing a sarong is best when you are out in adventures on hot weather. The printed type of sarong can be wrapped as a blouse for giving a casual feminine touch.

This can be made formal by wearing shorts and flip flops with sunglasses. Few accessories including sneakers, trainers, brown hat or belt bag can be worn along with this blouse type sarong wear. Just make sure you are with your basic hairstyle and sunscreen on.


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