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7 Creative Ways To Make Your Face Mask At Home

Making face mask to cover yourself from the huge pandemic infections while you are out is something easy and can be done at home. For making your own face mask at home, there are many creative methods.

Here is what you need to know before you start doing them. Before making the face mask you need to know how to make the face masks and coverings and their importance in preventing the spread of the infections.

Be Creative, Make Your Own Masks

Making your own face mask at home has become the top stay-home activity for all the people during the lockdown period. Whether you are making it for your own personal use or for selling them out or donate them to any kind of healthcare, preparing one such mask is worth for the time.

As wearing the face masks have become mandatory when you are out into the public, it is necessary to make one for yourself and demand for these have increased. Here are some of the materials and types of face masks that can be prepared at home.

  • Face Mask With Bias Tape Ties

Source: Create To Donate

The facemask made out of bias tape is very similar to the basic one. This can be worn by making it across the top and bottom with just straps. You can sew this bias tape on one big strip towards the top and bottom of the mask. Or this can be made by sewing this on each corner of the mask and thus it requires less material.

  • Face Mask With Filter Pockets And Adjustable Ties

Source: Medium

You can prepare the face mask at home using the filters that can replace N95 masks. The face mask can be made with the filter pockets and adjustable ties. Just stitch these across the long end and tie them at the back.

  • Button Corner Face Mask

Source: Button Counter

For making this you need one long piece of rectangular fabric cloth and 2 strips of fabric material for sewing towards the end. This will serve as the edge piece to stitch. Just sew along the width edge and make repeated folders on the main fabric. Finally, sew with the elastic strips on both the corners.

  • Fabric Face Mask With Ties

Source: YouTube

To make the fabric face mask with ties we need two fabric materials and 4 long strips that serve as ties. With right sides of these two fabrics together sandwich them with the tie on each corner between the fabric layers and stitch them. Then in the middle fold the fabrics to get three even pleats and sew them with the additional ties towards the bottom corners.

  • Making The Mask Using Cricut

Source: Cricut | Blog

The Cricut face mask can be made easily at home with the machine and some few materials. If you have a Cricut Maker, the fabric you are using for making the facemask can be cut. Or you can initially use the paper to cut the shape and with the help of which you can cut the Cricut on the fabric.

Gather all the pieces and press it. Sew the curved portion of the fabrics together. Stitch the edges with different fabrics. Align them together and stitch along the top and bottom seam. Trip them if necessary and connect the elastic towards the edges. You can keep the filter towards the side opening if required.

  • A4 Facemask Pattern

Source: Free Sewing

Cut the fabrics in three different sizes-small, medium and large. Cut with good sides together with 2 main fabric and 2 from lining fabric. The ribbon cut is necessary to stitch towards the edges for the tying purpose and needed 4 equal parts. Then stitch all the corners with these threads and finish the mask.

  • Bias Tape Mask With Red Poppy

Source: Made Everyday

The facemask requires 2 pieces of double fold ½ bias tape. Place both the pieces of fabric right sides together. Grap both the top corners of the fabric and pull them downwards to meet the bottom. Flip it over and do the same towards the top. In this step, a filter can be slide into the pocket.

Place the large rectangular top of the lining with the right sides facing each other. Sew the short sides. Now turn the fabric and make it roll to seam outwards. Create pin tuck markings. Sew bias tape and finish the mask.


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