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Be A Monochromatic Queen, Follow These Tips And Tricks

Monochromatic means to style one single colour from head to toe. It is the best hack for lazy ladies and gives them a chick look without doing many efforts. For instance, black is the best colour which is our solution to every outfit problem.

Whenever you are in doubt, then wear black. So how we can use black as a monochrome outfit. You need not think much, as many of us have. even done it and but could not recall it.

Wear What Suits You

Don a black tee with black jeans and black boots, along with the black leather jack and a black bag, and here you are heading to heals all over in black aka the monochromatic zone. Surely many of you must have now recalled that many a time what we used to hang out in one colour has a term called being monochromatic.

If it’s so then yes, we are monochromatic queens. This one style.to catch up with is the easiest one since it requires pulling out one colour which includes every possible variation in the colour tone.

Suppose take the colour blue, it had so many shades- light blue, navy blue, dark blue, sky blue and so many other shades of blue. And there is no rule that monochrome colours are limited. This is the best part of it; you name and colour and can carry any outfit.of that colour over you completely.

If you are in doubt as to it looks a little flashy or out of the box, then dear ladies no need to worry because it is not at all the case. One point to remember is that you just need to focus on what are you wearing as you think in your daily routine life. Otherwise, it would look like more of a fashion disaster.

Experiment With Clothes For A Lovely Experience

The monochromatic zone is the best trend to experiment with and you would not fail for sure. You just need to go through your wardrobe and put in place all the same colour outfits in one section, the other in the other section and so on.

You will be surprised as to many of those dresses have even come to your rescue which you didn’t even remember about exists in your almirah. Monochrome fashion is the trend among celebrities and the elite groups as it gives the viewers a classic vibe. It has an element of sophistic to be carried with fine ease.

Now let’s find out how we can style them out and be a pro in it.

1. Layering

Source: Lines/Manner

A layer is a good goer. You can choose any colour you want but advising to go with pastel or neutral colours as it gives a lot of variations in the same colour. To make a good layer, start with your top or tee along with your lowers and carry on a blazer or a shrug depending upon the season. Finally don’t accessorise much unless there is a need, then a good classy bag of the same tone would be enough to complete the look.

2. Fabric Mix

Source: Coverstory

The variety of fabrics we girls.new half.of whose names doesn’t even have been heard by the men. We know which fabric works the best for us and when to wear them. And if you are thinking for a monochrome look then fabric could play a good role. For instance, pair a denim palazzo with a sheer.top and take a.long satin shrug to complete the look. It would look trendy and all eyes set.on you.

3. Metallics

Source: Stylishlyme

so hang out their girls! If you are a night wanderer we have your all solutions for your doubts. Metallics are the answer to fit into the monochromatic zone and become the night queen among the crowd. A good metallic colour if played with nice looks so beautiful and glittery all over with minimal things to carry.

4. Patterns

Source: The Kaftan Company

There is no compulsion that only.simple.colours are to be used to fit into the monochrome category. It depends on your ideas of how to carry them. These days a lot of prints and patterns are in trend so try mixing it with your outfit but of the same colour which is nowadays not at all a big deal.to find.

5. Textures

Source: Memorandum

Coordinating your overall outfit is the best thing to compliment your dress. Try to add different textures to it like a light shade for the top and a dark shade for the bottom.

6. Shoes

Source: Pinterest

Shoes are the first love of every woman. We own like dozens of pairs and still aren’t satisfied with the available ones. Your footwear is also the first thing on which the eyes go. So to make your monochrome outfit a success, then pair it up with good statement shoes to enhance the overall look and see who’s there gonna stop you to become the ultimate monochromatic queen.

7. Tan and black

Source: LiveAbout

Nowadays tan colour is ruling the fashion world so you can dress up entirely your top and bottom in tan hues and accessorise them with all black things be it a cap, footwear, bag or any other accessory.

So you surely must have got the idea of what is monochrome all about. Now all you need is to attack your wardrobe and arrange all the colours together and then what’s next, Get, Set and Ready.


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