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Best Tattoo Numbing Cream That Lets You Have A Tattoo With No Pain

Getting inked is not at all easy, pain of needle, cuts, and some skin issues can even make your cry. Even there is some situation that you get a serious infection by needling. But it’s not that you should get inked, people love to have tattoo however painful it is. This is where the best tattoo numbing cream plays a major role.

But using tattoo numbing cream for today is the best way to avoid pain and some other skin issues. No matter these creams are skin sensitive and using them give lots of befits. Most of the renowned tattoo artists use these creams before tattooing. It makes the process soothing as the customer does not feel discomfort while getting a tattoo.

So, are you looking for the best numbing cream to avoid the pain of the needle and other skin issues? Here are the top 10 creams you can opt for. These are the topmost effective creams chosen by us and preferred by customers.

Top 10 tattoo numbing cream used by most of the big tattoo artists

1.  Clinical Resolution Numb Master Topical Anesthetic Cream

Best Tattoo Numbing Cream
Source: Desert Cart

This numbing cream remains active maximum for 20-25 minutes and meanwhile, you can get a tattoo on your skin. The cream contains 5% of lidocaine that won’t leave your skin greasy or sticky. It is one of the best tattoo numbing cream you can use. Most of the tattoo artists recommend this cream for all those who can’t bear the pain of the needles.

2.  Uber Numb 5% Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream

Best tattoo numbing cream
Source: eBay

Tattooing is a little painful but this best numbing cream helps to reduce pain and inflammation. It also provides vitamin E to the skin. Though it is similar to other creams the advantage of this cream is its activeness that is up to 1 hour long.

3.  HUSH Anesthetic – Tattoo Numbing Gel

Best Tattos Numbing Cream
Source: Hush Anesthetic

The HUSH numbing gel is the popular choice for the most tattoo artist as it makes a thick layer. This thick is of 4% lidocaine, aloe, propylene glycol, and glycerin that when gets penetrated into the skin gives the best results. This cream is best for pain relief as it is active for 2 hours or more and provides proper circulation of blood flow while getting inked.

4.  UltraNumb Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream

Source: NumbCreams

Selecting this skin numbing tattoo creams is the best choice as it allows the artist to ink to 2 hours. Using this cream crease a layer and make your skin numb so that you don’t feel much pain. It is one of the best it is active for a longer period of time. If you want to get a big tattoo inked and it will take a long time then this is the best to choose.

5.  Numb skin Numbing Cream

Best Tattoo Numbing Cream
Source: Amazon

Numbskin’s cream complies 5% lidocaine that can prevent pain for long period but it requires 15-20 minutes to give an effective response. The company gives 100% guarantee of satisfaction for this cream.

6.  Lidocaine Blue Gel Tattoo Numbing

Best Tattoo Numbing Cream
Source: Spectrum Supply

The Blue Gel cream is a blended combination of 4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine in a water-based formula. This tattoo numbing cream is the perfect product for people with sensitive skin. One can also use this cream after getting a tattoo. It gives relief to your skin and increased the joy of getting a tattoo.

7.  Clean + Easy Numb Anesthetic Numbing Solution 

Source: Amazon

This cream is perfect for small tattoos, it has a liquidy solution with benzocaine. It also contains chamomile that helps to reduce inflammation and calm down the irritation in the skin. It among those creams that most of the tattoo artists recommend to all their customers.

8.  Dr. Numb Maximum Topical Anesthetic Anorectal Cream

Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream
Source: Amazon

Dr. Numb’s cream is a water-based cream with lidocaine and is active for 45 min. It gives relief to all the pain and unpleasant sensations of needles, sunburns, and other wounds. This cream is among those creams that are being used by the people internationally.


TOPICAINE 5 (Best Tattoo Numbing Cream)
Source: eBay

The TOPICAINE 5 gel is made up of 5% lidocaine. This tattoo numbing cream is perfect but takes a lot of time to get active before getting inked. The components present in the cream gives instant relief to all the itching, and irritation after getting a tattoo.

10.  Advanced Numb 5% Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream

 Advanced Numb
Source: Amazon

Advanced Numb’s pain relief cream is the best choice for small tattoos and most of the small artists use this cream before inking. It blocks pain and makes skin numb in just 20 minutes and you can get easily pain free inking.


People often select the best tattoo numbing creams on the basis of best reviews and most used by the tattoo artists. If you are also planning to get a tattoo, you can count on these as the top priority as they are skin safe. However, there are certain tattoo numbing creams that might cause irritation after applying them.

It is because the chemicals used in these creams are allergic to your body type. In this case, you must stop using the tattoo numbing cream and must consult a dermatologist as early as possible. These days, the packings of all the products contain components used in making these products. Read them carefully and avoid using them if they cause any irritation or redness.

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