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Best Ways To Prevent Face Acne In Adults, As Suggested By Dermatologists

When we talk about youngsters and especially of young women, beauty is their priority. As soon as a girl enters her teen, she wants to look beautiful than every other girl present on the planet. She will purchase all the beauty products, best apparel, designer clothes, attractive footwear, and whatnot.

Anyone who loves looking like an angel 24/7 selects the best beauty products for her, especially for the face. The face is the first thing we look when people greet each other. When we mainly talk about teenage, Face Acne is the most common nightmare that every teen girl goes through in her life.

Normal Face Acne is different from Adult Acne. Unlike popping up in the oily T-Zone area, adult acne is a result of monthly swells in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. It often develops as pink pimples on the lower part of the face near the jaw.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Different kinds of face wash are available in the market these days. Dermatologists have also prescribed many of these products. It is better to avoid getting into this condition in the first place. There are many treatments for face acne, but it is always suggested that one must consider proper preventive measures so that a cure is not required in the future.

How To Prevent Adult Acne

There are various methods to get a healthy, bright, and a fresh face without any acnes. These methods are easy to follow but require complete dedication and attention. Following these measures, one can easily prevent herself from getting exposed to these kinds of Acne.

1. Always Consider The Type Of Hair Products You Are Using

Source: Grist

  • Acne can also appear along the hairline when heavy ingredients present in the hairs products settle on your skin on your forehead. Most of the hair products that we use are created to make a coat around strands. If the ingredients of these products settle on your skin, they might clog pores and cause irritating breakouts.
  • So, to prevent yourself from Acne, you must always wash your face immediately after cleaning your hair. You can wash your face with any kind of face wash that is meant to clean your face from all kinds of impurities.
  • In case, if you are prone to breakouts, you can apply some drops of skin moisturizer along your forehead. Once you follow these steps, you would be able to protect yourself from Acne and unwanted pimples.

2. Take A Shower Right After Working Out

Source: Healthline

  • Working out is the best way to remove all kinds of impurities from your body and to keep yourself healthy. There is a very common myth that sweat causes Acne, but the truth is sweat can build up bacteria on your skin that could cause Acne and other unwanted breakouts.
  • In order to prevent this thing from happening, you must remove all kinds of make-up from your skin before going for a work-out. If you re prone to Acne, you should start wearing cotton instead of nylon clothes because of cotton clothes aboard most of the sweat that will help you protect your skin from Acne.
  • You must also take a shower immediately after coming back from a work-out session. A proper shower would remove all the sweat from your skin and would not allow bacteria to settle on your skin.

3. Wash Your Face Regularly

Source: Allure

  • Most of the women have a habit of wearing make-up before leaving for any kind of outdoor activity or during the time of house parties. Wearing make-up for the whole day could block the pores in your skin and can cause acne and breakouts.
  • Even if you are not habitual of wearing make-up and prefer spending your day without applying any kind of make-up, in that case also sweat can cause bacteria to settle on your skin that can result in ace.
  • To prevent yourself from this, you must wash your face regularly, at least before going for bed. It does not matter whether you have applied make-up or not, washing your face before going for bed would block all kinds of bacteria and impurities to harm your skin.

4. Maintain A Steady Weight

Source: Cosmopolitan

  • It might sound absurd, but dermatologists have proven the fact that gaining or losing weight could result in adult acne on your face. Losing or gaining weight triggers the level of hormones, like cortisol and androgen, which in result, triggers pimples on your skin.

5. Clean Your Cell Phones Regularly

Source: CNet

  • In a study, it was proved that most of our’s handsets are prone to germs that can cause various skin and body infections. Germs present on your handsets get transferred to your skin as soon as mobile touches your jawline.
  • It can result in unwanted inflammation in your skin and can result in Acne. To avoid these irregularities, you must regularly clean your cell phones to avoid getting prone to Acne.

These were some points that will help you prevent your skin from adult acne. It is not that hard to follow these steps. To get rid of this condition, you must put in some effort.

NOTE: In case the condition becomes worse, you must consult a dermatologist. You must also avoid using beauty products and face washes.


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