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Drape A Simple Dupatta In The Ultimate Chick Way

Dupattas of Indian tradition is the best way to show the grace to the outfits. And as everyone thing, dupattas are not something boring to give you an old style of look. There is so much you can do from your dupatta to show yourself stylish by carrying it in a different ton of ways.

Indian traditional outfits are very versatile and elegant. It thus allows you to experiment in different ways to carry your dresses. All you need to show yourself stylish in every occasion is to open your mind.

Start thinking some creative ways to drape your sarees, lehengas, kurtas, and finally dupattas. Every outfit you buy or wear will be a new canvas to try the opportunity to explore it by wearing in different ways.

Here are some of the different types of styles you can wear the Indian equivalent traditional veil which is called dupatta or odhani. Are you worried about your fashionable image?

Here is the combination of traditional and stylish look by wearing the dupattas in ton different ways.

  • Covering The Head With The Dupatta That Serves As A-Class

Source: wikiHow

Though this is a very classic way of draping your dupatta during the wedding by covering the head from the middle. It brings both sides of it in front on the shoulders. This covers you entirely with the dupatta. It can thus be worn with some plain choli or salwar kameez for the chick appeal. Along with the style add the look by wearing an elegant jewel with some small or large earrings.

  • Headcover With Front U-Shape

Source: Mirraw Blog Mirraw Blog MIRRAW

This is another beautiful style to drape your wedding where you cover your head with the dupatta. It gives a dramatic appearance by bringing one side of the dupatta in a front U – shape. The dupatta with some heavy work on it will give you an elegant look. As this type of draping makes your sleeves visible, you can have the chance of wearing the blouse with is made of embroideries styles. Half sleeves are recommended to make you look more elegant.

  • Double Dupatta Draping

Source: Witty Vows

Consider the dupatta which is made out of heavy work on the net type material that matches your main wedding saree. Drape it by keeping the flared dupatta on the front pinned from one side of the waist on the lehenga. The other one you have chosen can be pinned over the bun. This type of draping is a traditional outfit and style that is from Gujarat with the modern way of covering your head and this is a retro way of showing you a chick appearance.

  • Single Saree Drape Dupatta

Source: WedMeGood

Do you wish not to cover your luscious locks on your big day? Try this style of wearing dupatta that shows you elegant. You can use the bridal dupatta to create this stylish look. All you need to do is to gently tuck in one corner of the dupatta on lehenga’s one side and drape the other half like an ordinary saree. This is simple yet it is a modern way to show you an amazing look during the reception.


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