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Effects Of Caffeine On Your Health


How many of you are addicted to drinking coffee during your work hours? Speaking about me, I need coffee at breaks during work, and it just keeps me alive while I am working. It is the fact that caffeine keeps you awake for a prolonged period. But do you know that caffeine has various effects on health? However, it is not preferred to have a daily dose of caffeine. In this article, we will be discussing the effects of caffeine on your body.

Can Increase The Level Of Anxiety

Caffeine, whereas it works on keeping you awake, is also a cause of the increasing level of anxiety. Adenosine present in your body is known to make your brain tired. Drinking caffeine blocks adenosine, thus preventing your body from getting tired. Moreover, as per a study, if too much caffeine is taken during the day, it can cause in the body. Despite working on waking you up, the heavy dosage can make you nervous. 

Effects Of Caffeine On Your Health
Effects Of Caffeine On Your Health

As per research, more is the dosage of caffeine. More will be the anxiety level in your body. It has also been reported that people who drink too much coffee during the day suffer from rapid breathing.

Reduces Your Sleeping Hours

Having coffee during the evening has a direct effect on your sleeping pattern. It is advised not to drink coffee after 4 pm. Coffee stays in your body for 6 hours, and if you have the habit of sleeping early, then coffee can keep you awake. Coffee can keep you awake while providing energy to your body, which also causes a reduction in sleeping hours. Our body needs to sleep at least 6 hours a day, and if we consume a heavy dose of caffeine, then it can probably result in the loss of restoration sleep as well.

Forming Addiction To Caffeine

Not like alcohol, but ye caffeine is addictive. However, you may not crave it as people does for drugs, but yes, it triggers the chemicals in your brain like drugs. 

Effects Of Caffeine On Your Health
Effects Of Caffeine On Your Health

A study was conducted on some people who consumed a lot of caffeine, and it was found that when they stopped having it for a day, they suffered from headaches and fatigue. Well, you may not generally be addicted to caffeine, but drinking, then you may get dependent on its effect.

Increasing Blood Pressure

It has been found in people who regularly drink coffee that they seem to have an increase in their blood pressure. However, there is no direct sign to heart problems, but yes, increased blood pressure can cause stroke and heart attack, as it prevents blood from reaching your heart and brain.

Urgency To Urinate

Have you ever experienced more urinating when you drink coffee or tea? The effect of caffeine can be more urination with incontinency. Incontinence is a disease where leakage of urine takes place. If a person is found to be drinking caffeine more than the capacity of the body, then he or she may suffer from incontinence.

Effects Of Caffeine On Your Health
Effects Of Caffeine On Your Health

Reduced Performance

Many people believe that the consumption of caffeine keeps you awake while boosting your performance, but it is not true. Prolonged consumption of coffee will make sleep-deprived and less productive. 

Risks In Pregnancy

It is advised not to drink caffeine during pregnancy. Caffeine has the worst side effects during pregnancy. Caffeine has been the cause of infertility in women. Also, drinking coffee can form breast tissue cyst. In severe conditions, the overdose of coffee can lead to miscarriage. Also, it has been concluded from the research that caffeine can cause the worst symptoms of menopause in women. 


Caffeine drinks like tea and coffee are known to boost the energy levels of your body. However, these caffeine drinks have empty carbs that release energy for the short term. 

Drinking caffeine drinks has been know to produce energy in your body, which needs to replenished after some time after the caffeine leaves your body. People addicted to drinking coffee more have suffered from fatigue at the end of the day.

Early Death

Well, there’s no scientific proof to it, but drinking more coffee can be a cause of early death. A significant reason for this can be that overdose of coffee is somehow linked to poor fitness. With poor fitness, your body is vulnerable to various diseases, which can be a cause of early death.


Coffee can be a lifesaver when you are in your work mode. However, you can not be too dependant on coffee as it has many side effects. If you are really into a healthy diet, then you need to cut on your daily coffee intake. 

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