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Fashion Mistakes You Commit As A Teen


As a teen, most of us commit some fashion mistake that we feel like we look cool in that stuff. Talking about myself, I have been wearing clothes that were not cool and cost me too much. As a teen, everyone should have a sense of fashion, but it’s not like wearing clothes that are way too expensive. We have never been told about trending fashion, that’s why there are many fashion mistakes you commit as a teen. In this article, we will be discussing some fashion mistakes that I have been unknowingly committing.

Buying The Very First Item That We See On Sale

As a teen, most of us don’t have enough money to fulfil our fashion neds, even if we do, we tend to buy clothes from the sale. It is so because we can save money in such sales and can buy other things from that. But think yourself that buying a cheap item on sale that doesn’t even look good or fits you proper is any worth your money? No, not at all. I9nstead of buying some cheap clothing items from sale, search for the items that look good and fits you well.

Get A Tailor To Have The Correct Fitting

A tailor could do the job of fitting your clothes. Nobody wants to buy a pair of jeans or shirt that feels baggy and loose, and you can get a tailor to get the perfect size of the outfit you are wearing. The false fitting can be a major problem when you are buying clothes on the internet. However, the quality is not compromised when buying clothes from the internet, but the fitting can be way too loose or tight for you. Get a tailor to have those fitted.

Buy Comfortable Clothes

Fashion Mistakes You Commit As A Teen
Fashion Mistakes You Commit As A Teen

As a teen, we are influenced by the outfit of the actors we see. Influenced by false fashion tricks, we buy clothes that are too tight for you or too loose. What I prefer is buying clothes that fit you well and is comfortable for you. Buying tight jeans is one of the most common fashion mistakes that teens do make. Those tight jeans can causes rashes and also makes your legs look thinner, which is probably not a good look. Go for jeans or any other items that are comfortable for you. Do remember that you need not go for items that others might feel appealing, but go for the comfortable items.

Buying Expensive Accessories

Accessories do break when you are with the group of your friends. Buying accessories that are way too expensive should not be your choice. Go for accessories that fit your budget, and you can easily afford them. 

Don’t Wear The Same Kind Of Clothes That Your Friends Do

As a teen, many of you may commit the mistake of wearing the same clothes as that of your friends, but you should avoid it. Age yourself apart, wear clothes that your friends are not wearing, especially when you hang out with them. 

If you want to look attractive, then you need to look different. Now suppose that you are wearing a white t-shirt which your other friends are waring too. Will, it set you apart from them? No. If you want to look different, then try something different from others. Try to add your personal touch to your fashion sense. It can be anything like wearing rings or watches or any other accessories that might make you look different from them. 

Don’t Be Too Flashy

Nobody wants to see a guy or a girl wearing some flashy items. What I mean to say by flashy items is wearing clothes with a logo shining on them, wearing watches that are bigger from your wrist or something similar. Being flashy doesn’t make you look good. Avoid this mistake, if you are prone to making this fashion mistake more often.

Never Wear Fake Brands

You can easily get fakes copies of the original brands. Fake branded clothes and accessories might fool some people, but that does not always work. A fake always remains fake, and you can never fool yourself for it. If you are buying the clothes and accessories, then go for brands and not the fake one. If you are not able to afford it, then wait for some time and collect money to buy the original one, but never opt to go for fake items.

Not Having A Sense Of Cologne 

Fashion Mistakes You Commit As A Teen
Fashion Mistakes You Commit As A Teen

Cologne at the end of the day is one of the essential items that should be in your wardrobe. You cannot leave your house when you smell bad. Try some colognes, know what suits you better and go for it. And do remember that don’t apply too much of it. A spray or two and you are good to go. Your cologne must only be noticed by people close to you.

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