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Fruit Peel Compound Successfully Reverses The Affect Of Acute Sclerosis In Mice

We have heard of many rare diseases that affect one in a million, and Multiple Sclerosis is an example of such diseases. It is an autoimmune disease that affects one in a million Americans. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society published the study on MS(Multiple Sclerosis).

New research has revealed how a component that is found in fruit peels could offer relief from the horrible condition. The researchers used a purified form of fruit peel and successfully reversed the effects of Multiple Sclerosis in mice.

How Does Multiple Sclerosis Affect Our Body

MS (multiple sclerosis) affects an individual’s immune system. It attacks the immune systems to destroy the protective covers made of myelin that surround nerve fibers. It later results in severe and permanent nerve damage, and because it is a disease of the brain, it can leave patients weak, numb, and could partially paralyze them.

What Is The Cure Of This Disease

Scientists have not yet identified a cure for MS, but some various experiments and treatments are being designed to temporarily halt the growth of this disease in the human body.

One such treatment of this disease is done through nanoparticles that outwit the immune system. There are synthetic molecules that help in restoring damaged myelin, and there are also various medications that prevent inflammation in the patient’s body.

Source: The Kitchen

Fruit and Vegetable Peels 

Apart from all these experiments, there is one more experiment that scientists suppose could reverse the severe effect of this disease. In a study published by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the authors focused on the uses of the fruit and vegetable peels.

They began their research using a compound that is found in fruit and vegetable peels and is known as ursolic acid. This compound is already known for its beneficial and healthy effects on the human body.

The researchers began working with mouse models where they were slowly exposed to this disease, similarly as it affects humans. As per researchers, the 12th Day is the Day when the mice enter into the acute and severe phase of the disease. That is the time when scientists began using medications on them for the treatment.

The researchers waited for 60 days to treat the mice with the purified form of ursolic acid. It was done when MS became more advanced and started damaging tissues of the brain and spinal cord. The team of researchers began observing the improvements in the mice after 20 days of the treatment.

Successful Results

The results were unexpected and mindblowing. They noticed that the mice that were paralyzed during the initial stage of the experiment, regained their ability to move and walk, but their body was not as healthy as it was before their exposure to this disease.

The researchers carefully examined the working of the ursolic acid and noticed how it protected the cells. They found that it inhibited an immune cell that is known to be a very important driver of the autoimmune response in patients suffering from MS.

It was also four out that the compound led precursor cells to mature into different cells known as oligodendrocytes, which produced myelin that creates the protective shield around the nerve fibers.

The researchers are now figuring out ways to apply this experiment on humans and see whether it gives out the same results or not.


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