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How Change In Lifestyle Reduces The Risk Of Strokes In Middle Aged Women

Strokes are very common among all the age groups, especially in adults and middle-age people. Studies have shown that women are more likely to suffer from a stroke than men.

There Is Still A Ray of Hope

Do you often suffer from strokes? And are you in your 30s and 40s? You need not worry about that. A recent study has shown that there are still many left for the women to get out of this illness.

There is still much time left for you to get yourself out of this. You just need to alter your lifestyle and change things that are directly or indirectly harming your body. In short, you need to immediately improve your lifestyle.

How Serious These Strokes Are

Source: Everyday Health

If you are a woman and you are in your middle age, and if you follow a disturbing daily routine, there are chances that you might suffer a stroke anytime soon. Researchers have shown than the average woman suffers her first stroke at the age of 75.

It does not mean that all those who have years left to be 75 shouldn’t worry about it. Then what is the solution to this problem?

Change In Lifestyle

Source: Mangalorean.com

According to a journal of the American Stroke Association, ‘Stroke,’ there are many ways that can help women suffering from regular strokes.

The only thing they’re asked to do it to change their lifestyle. Strokes generally happen to those who have the following,

  • Poor Hygiene
  • Poor Health
  • Weird Eating Habits
  • Addicted to Smoking
  • Excessive Weight
  • All other negative things

If you are serious, then the first and foremost thing is to stop all the things mentioned above as early as possible. It does not matter what your age is; following these points; you can improve your overall health.

Many doctors and researchers from prestigious Universities and Institutions have agreed to this fact. They have even said that a woman in her 50s could protect herself from strokes by changing her lifestyle.

They have also said that a woman who begins changing her lifestyle in her 50s can reduce the risk of stroke by more than one-third.

Researchers and professors from various Institutions examined the Nurses’ Health Study. It includes the information of around 60,000 women who registered themselves at an average of 52. The data was mostly health-related.

Reduced Smoking, Daily Exercise, Healthy Eating Reduced The Risk

Source: American Heart Association

The research work continued for up to 26 years. They carefully studied the impact of stroke risk on those women. Various factors like smoking, exercising, eating habits, etc., were set as benchmarks for their study. They noted the change in the impact risk of stroke on these women.

Source: Fox News

The researchers also examined the impact of stroke risks by making changes in the diet. They emphasized more on eating nuts, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

Products like red meat, unprocessed meat, alcohol, etc., were either banned or their consumption was reduced.

Results of The Research

After investing 26 years in research, the researchers found the following;

  • Change in diets reduced the risk of stroke by 23%
  • Reduced smoking, daily exercise, and weight loss reduced the risk of ischemic stroke by 36% and total stroke by 25%
  • Around 5% of the women with no lifestyle changes had different strokes, approximately 1% has a hemorrhagic stroke, and about 2.5% has an ischemic stroke

<> Apart from all these positive results, researchers also found out the impact of strokes on controlled diets. They noticed a positive in women after increasing the consumption of fish and nuts instead of red and unprocessed meat.

<> But the degree of impact in strokes due to dietary changes was not as significant as those attained through improved physical activities, and smoking habits.

<> The study was focused entirely on women. But, researchers said that these changes, if made, could also similarly benefit men as they helped women.

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