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How Has Fashion Evolved From 80s Era To The Current Era Of Modernization

Hello, lovely ladies out there. This post would surely attract you if you are fashion obsessed. Fashion is something which runs in our blood. Being a fashionista, an influencer, a style icon is something which woman of every age inspires to be.

This is happening since ages and we all are a small.part of the larger than life fashion world. Fashion for both genders (men as well as women) is one such scenario which is evolving day by day.

It does not stop at just one particular trend as the ongoing trend gives rise to another trend from the former one and then the other and it goes on. There is a saying in fact, ” Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.”

Definitely indeed, this saying has proved to be true in all the decades passed by. Today’s generation has become very much obsessed with the way they style themselves ( it would not be wrong to call them ‘fashion savvy’) as it brings out their portrayal to the outside world.

So we have brought to you recall of the 80s and the 90s era and its contribution which ultimately gave rise to the 21st-century fashion.

Fashion Trends During the 80s Era

The eighties fashion has seen great economic and social change. It has played a paramount role in developing the character and identity for itself with respect to fashion. During the 80s, there was a saying that even you are shy or don’t talk to someone, your attire and appearance have many things to talk.

“The dressing and fashion was a joy during the 80s.”

During the 80s, just like the present case, there were more choices for the dressing and fashion aspects. Let us get deep into how the clothing and style things have taken its position and what are different types of accessories that were trending back then.

Source: Marie Claire

The line between the fashion among the men and women were completely blurred during the 80s. The apparels and dresses during those days were very eye-catching and vibrant.

Women were proud to express their wealth by wearing extraordinary jewellery. It included diamonds, gold, pearl necklaces, earrings of different sizes, dresses that are made out of gold and diamonds.

The women’s fashion developments during the 80s were quite dramatic. Until then there was no chance in terms of little aspects ranging from pins to hairstyles. There was no variation or evolution form nail art to those of shoes. After the 80s there was an immediate change.

The early decades of the 80s were docile when compared to that of the later ones. When the colour scheme has come into existence, there were changes in the hair colours, styled dresses and bouffant.

Source: Elle

Some notable fashion trends of the 80s Include,

  • Shoulder Pads
  • Bright Colors (Including Neon Colors)
  • Using Legging as Pants
  • High Heels
  • Heavy Make-Up

Fashion Trends During the 90s Era

When you look back at your history, the 90s feel like a golden era. This generation is considered as the last cell phone-less one and most of our today’s fashion has evolved from those times.

Fashion in the 1990s brought the youth movement and great carefree styles that have come as rebellion. The main styles that were trending during the 90s are the Grunge and minimalism with the hip-hop and school girl styles.

Source: Sourcing Journal

The early 90s fashion has remained very stylish among the youth and between both the sexes. The popularity of rock music has brought the era to the great new heights that we still remember and uses them.

It is really impossible to discuss 90s fashion or trends without paying attention to the homage that was very popular then. Here are some of the popular trends and accessories that were used during the 90s era.

Here are some of the fashion trends that remind us of the age of 90s.

The Early 90s

Source: Wardrobe Oxygen

During the early 90s, there are more supermodels and one of the influential models is Big five. Then there appear the leggings and exercise wear that has popped up for the comfortability.

During this era, hoodies, jeans, denim, turtle neck shirt, sweatshirts and slouch socks were popular.


Source: Flying Apple Vintage

Though there are culture restrictions during the 90s, the flared jeans have become popular then. Before the skinny jeans, everyone chose the go-to denim style, including flared, wide-leg designs, etc. the oversized and silhouettes were considered to be highly favoured during the 90s.


Source: Chockers

When it comes to accessories of the 90s, chokers are the best part and were of really gorgeous designs and collections. These collar type of necklaces are beautiful when you put them around that adds an edgy element for all the outfits.

While most of them are made out of plastic, there are many with fabric constructions and project a charming look over the jewels.


Source: National Geographic

While considering the accessories chockers are not an only popular item of jewellery, hoop earrings also had the best moment on the women during the decade. These hoop earrings were worn by almost all the women ranging from celebrities to the school girls.

These earrings add the attitude over the outfits and the major rule while wearing them is to make it as big as possible to make you look stunning.

Crop Tops

Source: YouTube

If you wanted to wear something that is popular during the 90s decade, then the cross top is the must one. These are considered to be an essential fashion item for all the women during 90s in their wardrobe. This is considered to be the chicest combination among celebrities.

Overall 90s Fashion And Trends

If you have lived through the 90s era or decade, you must have definitely come across the sleeveless denim jumpsuits which are considered as the vital item. The attire and accessories during the 90s were mixed of both casual and comfortable style in the wardrobe.

Last but not least they all prefer wearing great looking sneakers with pants or cross tops.

Fashion Trends During the Present Era

The women’s fashion has changed entirely when you look into the first part of the decade and the second part. Those days there were very basic and quite subtle coloured dress with a minimalistic approach.

Current trends are drastically varied in terms of fashion and colours women wear to themselves. If we talk about jeans, they were loose and has high waist during the 80s trend with some embroidery designs and most of them are leather made.

Source: Pinterest

The women have the craze of maintaining their health and fashion in both traditional and trendy manner. While the sweatpants and tracksuits were common during the early hours and ripped jeans and tights were growing.

Current trends were drastically changed in terms of wearing jeans that are tightly attached to the skin and has a low waist. There are numerous vibrant variations of colours that are trending in both fashion and clothing designs.

Source: The Sassy Nut

These days the colours can be customized according to the needs of the user. India’s fashion industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years with the western wear influence and thereby changing the preferences of the users.

Fashion has rapidly changed starting from the 80s and has become more diverse the before. Due to the elevation of globalization, the trends have spread faster and wider. During the 80s, women’s style usually is one or more predominant at a time, whereas in the current world, each one has separate and distinct trends that are getting popular.

A Quick Look At The 80s, 90s and Present Era

The 80s era

This was one such era which has discovered as well as experienced every aspect of fashion. There were a lot of fashion disasters made which were considered like a really big mistake to be made but nevertheless it had also been a very important time to dress according to their status.

Yes, how you dress up yourself belonging to a working-class, or an elite group was a matter of fact to categorise the person in the decent category. Some of the fashion experiments which eventually were a success were;

  1. Oversized Blazers With Oversized Pads: Black had to be the common colour for this category as it can be carried on with any outfit and gives your entire outfit a classic look.
  2. White Socks and Sneakers: Many of you might have thought that this is an invention made in 2000s era but apologies to disappoint you as the ongoing trend had already made its mark in the 80s among women.
  3. Tailored Vests: Apart from the oversized blazers which do not even fit to one’s body and keep on adjusting it, tailored vests which are mostly worn by men along with their suits came to light. It was tailored of the right size which could be worn like a tee or top and provided us with the proper corporate look.
  4. Sheer Black Stockings: this is one such trend which was adopted by all the ladies during those times. The fancy translucent black stockings worn below skirts or dresses gave a chic look and rose the style quotient.

This was not limited to the items mentioned above, bold eye makeup, experimenting with neon shades, denim with patchwork were also some of the ideas which were tried on by the women of 80s.

90s era

This time period could be remembered as one of the most fashionistas eras with bold choices made by women. Today’s generation who is totally a brand addict- all of it had come from the 90s era and had become highly renowned brands becoming a want of every woman to own.

There are many styles which continue to rule the fashion industry but also many styles which ruled only the 90s era. Check them out;

  1. Leather Jackets: Leather was something which made a good grip amongst the ladies. A shiny yet matte looking fabric with a good quality is all that we look for in an outfit. Leather jackets, leather dresses, boots, belts, there was leather everywhere and it became the hero of the fashion industry.
  2. Polka Dots: Another classic invention was a series of dots all over your dress and it became a hit. Named Polka dots which were mainly on tops and dresses made you feel like you are actually living in a 90s era.
  3. Leopard Prints: leopard prints came into everything from blazers to shirts to dresses and was adopted by all age groups as they thought it to be really amusing.
  4. Velvet: velvet and especially crushed velvet which was bumped into by women in the form of spaghetti dresses glammed up the style statement. It comes into almost every colour which was not more bright or less bright. It had the perfect finish which was apt for late-night outings making you stand apart from everyone else.

Apart from these, studded transparent belts, tees worn below formal blazers, plaid clothing sets ( which made you look more of a clown) were some other entrants during the 90s period.

Current Era

After talking about and getting an idea about the earlier eras, now we shift your focus towards the era of which we are apart. This era had witnessed and is continuing to have a taste of all the trends of the previous eras.

The era of 2000 has nothing new to contribute its share in the fashion world. All thanks to the new technology and modern updations, we are all experiencing the old trends but in a more improved way.

  1. Wayfarer Sunglasses: Sunglasses is one such accessory which has always up the style factor. Aviators, cat eyes, wayfarer are some of the trendy ones to be in your list.
  2. Cropped Jeans: Denim with patches or slits or cropped ones can be found in every individual’s wardrobe. The time since clothes have come to be manufactured owing to the industrial revolution, denim has never gone out of trend.
  3. Sequins: Shiny fabrics are the talk of the town especially when it comes to parties or functions as it makes you all glittery and you stand tall amidst the crowd.
  4. Ruffle Blouses: Not the last one to talk about is the ruffle blouses which gives you a free and easy-breezy look. It is very convenient to carry and gives the women an edgy look. It is perfect for women of any size, be it slim or chubby.

Not to forget, bomber jackets, laces, off-shoulder outfits are not losing its spark rather it is a trend which is predicted to continue for a long time.

Whatever be the era, what is more, important is how you carry it and it will become a style statement. The fashion trends are all the same with slight variations which grabs the eyeballs of the target group and it becomes the latest fashion.

Eras and fashion trends will come and go but it is always you, yourself and the way you flaunt and make yourself likeable which matters the most.


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