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How To Fix A Broken Nail When You Are In A Hurry

A broken nail in one of the finger happens when it is torn, split, smashed, chipped, or sometimes broken off completely or partially. The broken nail can occur when it gets caught on to something which is sharp or is involved in some trauma.

With all the pedicure and using vibrant and strong moistures, we try to keep the nails healthy. But taking care of them is a year-round process as you have to ensure that they remain strong and healthy.

After you have sharpened or shaved to your required shape, no one likes to have a broken nail as it might disturb the entire outlook of the hand and nail colour you are applying on it.

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The serious breaks in the nail and shapes might end up in the injury of the nail bed. Here are some of the tips to fix your broken nail to minimize the pain and discomfort.

Ways To Fix Your Broken Nail When You Are In A Hurry

Here are some of the plenty of ways to maintain your broken nail at home without rushing to the parlour.

  • Using A Fingernail Glue

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When you have your nail broken, try using the fingernail glue which will be used for fixing the fake nails just to reattach your broken part of your nail. All you have to do is to clean your nail, soak in water for a few minutes.

Apply the glue on the broken side of the nail and press it gently on the nail firmly for 1 minute until it attaches. Remove the extra glue and buffer it finally. Apply a thin coat of nail polish once it is dried.

  • Using The Tea Bag For Fixing The Broken Nail

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When your nails are broken on one side or there is a cut, then you can fix it using the fresh tea bag at home. For this, you first need to clean your nail, cut a tiny piece of a tea bag or big enough to cover the broken part of the nail.

Sometimes you can use the coffee filter material to fix the nail. Apply a layer of glue on to the bag and fix it on to the broken part of the nail using the tweezers. Once the glue is dry buff the nail and applies a thick coat of the nail polish on to it to get the right finish.

  • Using Tape Or Sticky Material On The Top

Source: Cosmopolitan

If your nails are broken, here is another tip you might use to fix it at home. If you have a clear tape, then cut a small piece when is quite enough to cover the broken part of the nail.

These takes can be a gift wrap tape or scotch tape, etc. using the tweezers, attach the cut piece of the tape on to the broken part of the nail and make sure it covers the entire broken part of the nail.

Use the scissors to trim it according to the size and buff it off if required. Apply nail polish on top of it for the final finished look.


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