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How to get rid of large pores

 How to get rid of large pores?

Skin is amazing and it is our largest organ covering about 18-22 square feet of an average-size adult. So to get rid of large pores we should know why good skin always gives extra confidence to you, be it on stage or on a date. Our skin is the first line of defense against pollutants, diseases, and illnesses.

Our pores, as a result, have an important job of letting the oil generated by sebaceous glands to reach the surface and moisturize our skin. Similarly pores help of letting the sweat generated by eccrine glands to reach the surface of the skin so that to maintain our body temperature by essential cooling.

But what if the pores are no longer the pores but have become “PITS” with the passage of

time. It may lead to lowering your confidence and we can never get rid of large pores.

Why do pores get enlarged?

People with oily skin might experience this problem often due to excess production of sebum. Sebum is an oily secretion produced by sebaceous glands. This sebum mixes with dirt, dead skin cells or with your makeup and causes a plug in your pores.

If this material remains clogged, it enlarges the pore and often leads to acne which is really a great problem among youngsters. And the bacteria that live on your skin get their permanent home on your skin due to this excess oil.

But you don’t have to worry about that. We have brought some essential tips for you which will shrink your pores and will bring back the baby skin you always loved.

Easy ways to shrink the pores, the precaution to get rid of large pores.

1. Cleansing your face on a regular basis

Cleansing your face ultimately helps in removing the clogged material from the pores which leads to enlarging the pores.

For the best results, wash your face every morning and night. Always wash your face with the warm water and not the hot one. Damp your skin with middle and ring finger, working in a circular motion. Always include your neck when you care for your face.

2. Apply toner every day

Toner helps in tightening of the pores. Apply toner after cleansing your face. It balances your skin’s pH level and gets rid of any excess oil, dirt or makeup that is left behind. Toner is easy to make and it adds a layer of protection to your skin. For the best results, use toner morning and night.

3. Moisturizing your face regularly

Hydration is critical to keeping skin youthful and beautiful. A good balance of oil and fluid helps in restoring cellular damage which allows for the better transdermal penetration. No matter whether your skin is oily or dry. Moisturizer is a must. It provides deep and penetrating hydration. For the best results, use a moisturizer every morning and night after applying toner.

4. Steaming

A weekly facial steam is a good habit to add to make a world difference for your skin. Steam prepared with loving ingredients gives double interest. It opens up your pores by removing the chemicals, makeup residue and rancid oils which is leftover your skin and allows beneficial properties in your steam mixture to penetrate deeply.

It also stimulates the sweating process, which helps in removing the dead skin.

5. Oil on Oil

We have heard that cosmetic companies always ask us to use oil-free products. But the secret is here that oil on oil actually gives an instruction to our sebaceous glands (oil glands) to stop the overproduction of the oil. But you can’t use any oil for your skin.

However you want to use noncomedogenic oils (Which won’t clog your pores), it will maintain normal oil flow.

You can use “Jojoba oil” (Which is closely resembled your sebum). It rebalances the skin, assists with oil regulation and keeps the pores clear. Don’t go for oil-free products, which actually dry out your skin and pass the instruction to your sebaceous glands for the production of more and more oil.

6. Applying Sunscreen

We all are aware of scientific pieces of evidence about the role of UV rays in our skin damage. Exposure of Sun makes our skin drier and thus it again leads to excessive oil secretion which in result enlarges the pores. Sunscreen is an obvious solution for protecting our skin. But sometimes the toxic materials in the Sunscreen can actually become the real culprits for our skin. To avoid this use the sunscreen with fewest toxic material. Though wearing Sunglasses with UV protection and seeking out shade whenever possible is always a good idea.

7.   Applying Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera contains beta-carotene nutrient which helps in skin renewal. It improves skin elasticity, keeps your skin hydrated and removes dirt from the clogged pores. Use fresh Aloe Vera gel, massage it smoothly and leave it for 7 minutes. Rinse it with lukewarm water. For the best results, apply daily.

8.  Use Multi – Oil cleanser

Oil naturally attracts pore-clogging oil on the skin. The oil contains Vitamin C and essential fatty acids which helps in keeping skin youthful.

Here’s the recipe for making Multi – Oil cleanser:

·        2 tablespoons of Jojoba oil

·        1 tablespoon of Sunflower oil

·        1 teaspoon of Argan oil

·        1 teaspoon of Camellia oil (optional)

In a small bowl combine all the ingredients. Store in the airtight condition. Apply cleanser using a cotton round. For the best results, apply twice a day.

9. Tea and Vinegar detox toner

The combination of Tea and Vinegar helps in unclogging pores. It reduces pore size and thus adds a wonderful look.

Here’s the recipe for making Tea and Vinegar detox toner:

·        ½ cup plus 1 tablespoon prepared tea.

·        ¼  cup apple cider vinegar

In a small bowl combine the above ingredients. Store in the airtight condition. Apply toner using a cotton round. For the best results, apply twice a day.

10.   Neem

When it comes to skincare, how one can forget the Neem uses for the skincare. Neem tightens the pores and Vitamin-E in the Neem keeps the skin dewy.

Here’s the recipe for making moisturizer:

·        8 ounces of organic Jojoba oil

·        ½ ounce of organic neem seed oil

·        4 drops o lavender oil

In a small bowl combine the above ingredients. Store in the airtight condition. Apply toner using a cotton round. For the best results, apply twice a day

A word from the FashionBloodHound on how to get rid of large pores.

Always wash your face and apply toner from the bottom-up. This fights gravity and also stimulates blood flow to skin cells.

And here good news is that oily skin tends to age more slowly than the dry skin. So, you need not worry much about having oily skin.

The way our skin looks and feels is also affected by our sleep routines and stress levels. So, always have a good sleep routine.


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