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How To Look Best In Office Wear After Lockdown?


Office wear sucks because they seem to be boring. Nobody looks their best when they wear office wear. But do you know that you can look your best in your office wear as well. There are some tricks to enhance your look with office wear. This not only includes some fashion tricks but also grooming tips to help you look better in whatever office cloth you wear.

Wear The Right Shirt

Generally, with office wear, you can have shirts with plane color that may look boring to all. Well, you can make a boring shirt look more elegant and enhance your look. How will that be possible? You can wear a shirt with two colors maximum, but it should not look fancy at all. By fancy I mean is that half part with one color and another half with other color and that is not a color suitable for the office. So what type of shirt to wear in the office? You should wear a shirt with a light color, which is the main color of the shirt generally the background.

How To Look Best In Office Wear After Lockdown?
How To Look Best In Office Wear After Lockdown?

Now the other color should be minimal like in the form of polka dots or strips. Choose any light color such as a pink or white shirt with blue or black polka dots.

Take Care Of Your Facial Features

Well, this is not the part of the fashion routine you are following but it helps you enhance your look in the office wear. Taking care of your slightest of facial features can help you look your best in the office wear. So what can be these facial features? Dark circles, your beard, you hairstyle are some of the basic facial features that should be taken care of when you are getting ready for your office.

What involves taking care of your dark circles. You should try going to sleep early. Sleeping early and waking up early helps you prevent dark circles. Dark circles look ugly on your face and they seem to be sort of embarrassing to everyone. You can apply eye cream in order to prevent these dark circles the next day.

The same is with your hairstyles and your beard. In offices, you are not allowed to have a bear that is too long. If you like keeping beard you can keep it well trimmed and style it with styling products. Keep your side hairs short and your upper hairs a bit long. Make sure your side hairs do not go over your ears.

Wearing Watches

How To Look Best In Office Wear After Lockdown?
How To Look Best In Office Wear After Lockdown?

There is a rule to wearing watches in offices. You cannot wear digital watches, and it also doesn’t suit your office wear. So what kind of watches you wear? You can try wearing classic watches with an analog system, having leather or metal strap. They not only look classy but are also affordable.

Best Pants To Buy

You cannot go and buy informal or casual pants or jeans to have for the office. You can go and try chinos or formal pants. For every man or woman out there they should definitely have a pair of black pants. Just like black have blue pants with you as well. These pants can go with every type of clothing you are wearing. If you can extend your budget you can try going for light brown pants. They look stylish and will match your office outfit as well.


Along with the outfits you wear, your attitude towards your work, and other fellow people around your justifies your look. The way you converse with other people, your attitude and behavior towards them, and moreover your facial expressions are essential for your office outfit to enhance your look.


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