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How to maintain A Balanced Diet

There is an old people saying, “We are what we eat.” Especially to keep our skin and hairs healthy, balanced diet is a precious gift in this era which we can offer to our body. A wrong diet can make us feel sick and tired often. Poor diet often leads to obesity and diabetes. It lowers our overall productivity. Overeating disorder is not responsible for the weight gain only but it also gives birth to other health diseases including cancer and stroke. Here are ways to reduce the belly fat. For the energetic day and good performance, add a balanced diet to your lifestyle.

Balanced Diet

So, what exactly the balanced diet is? It’s the one which has the proper amount of nutrients which helps our body to function properly. While bacon, sausages, cake, cheese, cookies, ice creams, pizzas are the “empty calorie” food. One must minimize the consumption of them.

A balanced diet includes:

Fresh Fruits

Fruits are a great source of nutrition and tasty at the same time. Different fruits with the different season fulfil the need of nutrition without any added sugar. Be sure to try some “exotic” fruits too.

Keep fruit where you can see it, so you can eat them whenever you feel low with energy. Variety and colour are key to a balanced diet. You can always choose something new rather than going for traditional choices always like apples and bananas. Berries, apples, pears can help for weight loss if you are replacing crackers or potatoes with them.

Fruits are rich in fibre, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that may have beneficial health effects. Increasing fruit consumption has been recommended for the primary prevention of many chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes. [1]

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are sources of vitamins and minerals. Adequate intake of veggies is responsible for better mood and the feeling of happiness. Whether they are leafy greens or red as carrot, every type of vegetable is important for the proper amount of nutrition.

Carrots for vision improvement, mushroom for heart health, Kale for vitamin K and spinach for vitamin A. Choose which you love, any vegetable is the source of a lot of nutritions.

Whole grains: Hearty option for the balanced diet

Whole grains are better sources of important nutrients such as fibres, B vitamins, iron, folate, selenium, potassium and magnesium. Whole grains tend to contain more fibre and protein than refined grains. Enjoy breakfasts that include whole-grain cereals, such as whole-wheat bran flakes, shredded wheat or oatmeal. Fibre helps in lowering cholesterol and also prevent the formation of small blood clots which are responsible for heart attacks and strokes.


Legumes are the sources of fibres as well as proteins. It reduces cholesterol and also decreases blood sugar levels. Try swapping some of your regular serving of meat with legumes to improve your diet. As red meat contains saturated fats but legumes don’t. They are packed with many nutrients such as folate, calcium, potassium, zinc, B vitamins and antioxidants which helps t fight with several diseases.


Nuts are loaded with many nutrients and at the same time, it’s the antioxidant powerhouse. They are high-calorie food and so promote weight loss as it provides more calorie in fewer grams of it.

Good Nuts include:

Almonds – Highest in calcium

Cashews – Rich in iron and Magnesium

Walnuts – High in omega 3 fats, antioxidants and phytosterol

Hazelnuts – Rich in oleic acid

Peanuts – Highest in folates [2]

It helps in lowering cholesterol, also it boosts memory, help in fighting depression and also boosts memory.


Dairy & the completion of Balanced Diet

Replacing soft drinks with the milk or the buttermilk is always a big “YES”. The great source of calcium, phosphorous, vitamin A, vitamin B12. Due to high calcium content they are good to choose for maintaining strong bones. Try low-fat dairy and add milk, yoghurt or cheese to your everyday diet.

“A Word from FashionBloodHound”

While cooking food, wash the vegetables first and later chop them. Chopping them first and washing later just carry away all the nutrients. Eat more raw foods such as salads and vegetable juices. Limit stimulants such as caffeine, sodas and refined sugar. Don’t skip any meal. Skipping meals lowers your metabolic rate and gives rise to the “toxic fat”. Click here to know the ways of reducing belly fat.


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