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How To Make A Balanced Clothing Budget? What Are Its Uses

Clothes, clothes and clothes! There is not enough of it. Despite our wardrobe filled with limitless clothes, still, we don’t have a good outfit to put on. Surely, each women reading this could be very well relating to it.

  • We have been gifted beauty by God and why not do we want to enhance it further by playing the dress up game. Clothes make us look good, it enhances our confidence and we stand out among the crowd.
  • We have been made fashionistas since our childhood when our mothers used to dress up like we were small little pretty dolls. Time changed, we grew up but our love for clothes and fashion has drastically increased.

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Fashion Is Never Ending

New fashion trends enter into the market and we want to grab it as soon as it arrives to flaunt it out. And the most important to note down is that we do not want to repeat those outfits.

Uhh! this also worries some part since a lot of bucks had been spent on each and every outfit but only to dress up for a single time. Many of us would definitely agree that because of the urge to remain stick to the upcoming fashion trends we have burnt a big hole in our pockets.

As spending huge money on clothes also hampers the entire budget system which runs our house. Of course, it is not that we aren’t aware of it that how much efforts and hard work is involved to make an earning, but we couldn’t stop ourselves after gazing hours and hours on online platforms looking at the various launches and trends taking place.

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Stay Safe From ‘Shopping Epidemic’

The fashionista, the influencer in us gets awakened and we forget everything except to go on a shopping spree. Also, the ongoing era of making everything in online mode is also one of the reasons which had lead to a shopping epidemic.

Hence, it is thereby, really important that we need to plan out a good and reasonable budget to be spent on clothing which does not affect the whole income of ours. Yes, that’s right, a clothing budget! We all must have made a budget for various expenses so that the available money is actually available for different purposes when we need it.

Crafting a budget is simple and does not require any skills apart from the professionals who work for big corporate firms. You just need to ascertain your needs and plan your spending accordingly.

Source: AsiaOne

If after you finish off with your budget planning and there is extra money left, then who the hell is gonna stop you from doing whatever you like, be it shopping on clothes, travelling, binge-eating and what not.

So today, here we would be telling you or just give an idea as to how we can make a balanced clothing budget. Basically these will consist of some tips to help you out while preparing the budget as in the end, it is you who is the ultimate spender.

1. Make A Budget Planner

Before you specifically begin with writing down a clothing budget, firstly, you are required to plan a budget of all the expenses. This requires starting from scratch, all the household, work-related and each and every aspect where your money goes out.

It should be planned in such a way that you are left with some money for yourself otherwise there is no need for planning down a budget.

2. Check Out Your Wardrobe-

This is a sad truth but it is true. We women have a lot of outfits and accessories for every occasion. Our wardrobe is in itself like a small retail outlet with loads and loads of dresses. It is just we do not want to either repeat or do not have the courage to swim into the large ocean of clothes.

As most of us don’t even remember what all have we bought in the past times. So the best option is to go to an outlet and shop your heart out. By checking out and synchronising your wardrobe, you will start sorting out your things and will get to know what actually do you need to buy.

And to your surprise, there will be numerous women who would find that they require nothing and their clothing budget is all useless atleast for some time period.

3. Look Out At Your Income

This is the most important thing. You are spending because you have income. Therefore, you need to focus on how much are you earning. Are you financially stable, is the income able to cover the regular household expenses or not?

If the answer to these question is yes then it depends on you whether you want to shop from normal shopping outlets or you have a good sum of money left over to indulge in brand purchasing.

4. Quality, Not Quantity

Clothes shopping acts a stress buster therapy for most of us undoubtedly. But in that process, we forget that what all we don’t need had been purchased. So it is better to understand this beforehand and not to cry later.

We know that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to harming the environment. So it is very much important that we prevent its buying by adopting sustainable clothes which gives you quality and content.

A few good quality outfits to don makes you more glamorous, you feel more proud as you are contributing towards the environment. Wouldn’t that be a lovely feeling?

5. Shop Your Closet Or Mother’s Closet

Yes, you read that right. Have you ever thought of looking at your mom’s wardrobe? Remember how we used to dress up with our mother’s clothes to look like her. Now, this is the perfect time to recall those good old days.

You would find everything in it, from classic ethnics to minimalistic dresses, heavily embroidered dresses to everything, the quality which could not be found now anywhere. There are a lot of fashion influencers who provide good fashion info on how to style those outfits in today’s modern times.

6. No Spending Challenge

Do you have the guts to take up this challenge? Try it just for a month atleast and you would see the idle money lying before you, all yours to spend on some other items in your bucket list.

You will realise that it is true indeed that we have become fashionholics.
We know, that it is not as easy as it seems, after all, we are girls and we have a right on shopping. But it is good only when you have ample of bucks in your pocket which do not affect the entire budget of your household.

Once you would start with only a small amount you would see the results on your own. And then it would be you, yourself who will be seen guiding your fellow girlies to take up the clothing budget challenge. So what are we waiting for you, go and plan a budget now!


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