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Look Your Best In Party: Fashion For Men


When going for a party everyone wants to have that killer look where you do not go unnoticed by anyone present in the room. Many of us are afraid to try some different clothing in order to see what looks good on us. In this article, we will be discussing some clothing tips to try and look your best at the party.

The given fashion tips will be based on the different types of parties you will be going to. The clothing will be given for the parties not based on what clothes you want to wear.

Formal Parties

Formal parties can be parties like your office party, party with employees around, or CEO’s staff around. Such parties are known as formal parties. In these types of parties, you cannot go with a casual look.

Have a formal shirt paired with dark-colored trousers. If you are not a fan of trousers then you can opt to go for chinos. Prefer going for dark-colored chinos because they will fit with any of your shirts.

Look Your Best In Party: Fashion For Men
Look Your Best In Party: Fashion For Men

For a shirt, you can go with a dark shirt, or off-white shirt such as light blue or pink color, or you can go with a good quality white shirt. Like this, a formal party, prefer tucking your shirt in your trousers as this will give you a more formal look. Talking about the shoes and pants you should make sure both have the same colors and you can ideally go for boots as well.

The second option to go with is a suit. The suit is one of the best outfits to have for formal parties. The suit gives you a formal look. Basically you can pair up your blazer with the same color pants or something that matches your style. Make sure to get a tailored suit because that is what will fit your size.

Not So Formal Parties

Look Your Best In Party: Fashion For Men
Look Your Best In Party: Fashion For Men

Not so formal parties or you can say formalish casual parties, then you can go something like shirts with patterns. This is your chance when you can try on different styles. Prefer having some shirts with a pattern that does not look too casual but comes in the category of formal wear. In such parties, you need not tuck in your shirt. You can roll up your sleeves to give a more casual look. But remember to only roll up your sleeves if you have a physique like that unless you prefer going with sleeves down. You can try chinos or formal trousers with such an outfit but try not to go with jeans as this won’t suit in such parties. You can try boots with such outfit and if there are not so many restrictions to what you would be wearing then you can try pairing your outfit with sneakers.

Pool Parties

Look Your Best In Party: Fashion For Men
Look Your Best In Party: Fashion For Men

Pool parties are a lot more casual parties and you need to try something that is way more comfortable and casual. In such parties, you should prefer wearing off-white or bright colored shirt paired with shorts. Talking about the footwear, you can prefer wearing loafers or flip flops and that will perfectly match your look.

Casual Party

Moving a step out of formal parties we have casual parties where basically you don’t have any restrictions on what you wear but that doesn’t mean you will wear anything that doesn’t make sense. In such parties, you can try pairing polo with chinos or either jeans. V-neck t-shirts are also good to go to such parties. Get white sneakers as that will get you to look your best at the party.

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