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Stop Being Lazy: Guide To Be Productive


Does this question arise to you that how can you stop being lazy and be productive all day? In my opinion, no one can be productive all day long, and if you think that you will be productive all day long, then you are wrong about it. Being productive and being productive all day are two different aspects. What I will discuss here is how you can be productive and energized, and stop being lazy while you work.

Sleep and your laziness must not bother you while you are working. If you think that your laziness disrupts your productivity and work hours, then you need to read this guide on how to be productive and stop being lazy.

Get Good Sleep To Stop Being Lazy

Stop Being Lazy: Guide To Be Productive
Stop Being Lazy: Guide To Be Productive

 With getting good sleep, I do not mean sleeping for too long. But what I meant to say is get quality sleep. To start your day full of energy, get a deep sleep. So, when do you get a deep sleep? Generally, when you are tired physically, you will get a good sleep. Get some evening walk or do some light exercise, so that you can get a good sleep. Also, you should not be stressed about work all day. When you are off to bed, be calm. Listen to some calm music or podcasts; this will help you achieve a good sleep.


When you get your muscles burning, you will feel energized. Exercising early morning should be your prime goal. This will not only help you achieve a fit body but also help you feel energized.

Don’t Depend On Caffeine

Stop Being Lazy: Guide To Be Productive
Stop Being Lazy: Guide To Be Productive

For many people, caffeine is the first thing they like to have an early morning. But the truth is you should avoid having caffeine as much as you can. Caffeine is not good for your health. Caffeine products like tea and coffee do provide you with energy and wake you up but are bad for health. Also, caffeine has empty carbs, which releases energy but does not let your body absorb energy. Instead, you can try having some fruits early morning. Fruits are rich in carbs and fibre and slowly releases energy. Which means that fruits will keep you energized for a longer period than caffeine.

Set Your Goal

Stop Being Lazy: Guide To Be Productive
Stop Being Lazy: Guide To Be Productive

Setting a goal is important. Workout setting up a plan, you will be like what I have to do today. Plan your day well. Organize your task; it will help you know what you have to do next. What I suggest is start from difficult to an easier one. It is so because at the end of the day you have less energy, and when you leave the difficult task at the end of the day you will not want to do it.

Get Enough Rest

Just like exercise and working, getting enough rest is essential. What do rest do and how it is important for us?

When you take a break or take a rest after some hours of being productive, then in between that time, you are restoring your energy. This will allow your body to preserve or restore some energy for other tasks.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Distracted

Stop Being Lazy: Guide To Be Productive
Stop Being Lazy: Guide To Be Productive

While working, you might get distracted a lot, and you need to have control of it. The very first distraction is your phone. While working, stay away from your phone. You need not respond to every notification that you receive. The key to productivity is not getting distracted. If you find it difficult to have a control on your distraction for mobile phone, keep in on silent or in a different room such that you do not hear the notification. 

Take Cold Showers Early In The Morning

Cold showers are what wakes me up and not let me feel dizzy all the time. Cold showers add a boost of energy early in the morning. Well, now the temperature is not too cold, so you can prefer having cold water. Don’t go for a warm shower, if you prefer going for a warm shower, then at the end switch to cold. This will help you stay energized early morning and be productive all day long.

Final Words

These were some tips to stop being lazy. Try these tips and if you feel that these are working for you, then make comment on your experience. Also, if you are trying some other trick then do let us know.




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