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Study Claims Filtered Coffee Is Healthier Than Other Brewing Methods

For most of us, the day doesn’t begin without having a cup of coffee. Our morning wake starts with getting the aroma of the dark beans which are richly brewed. Just stir our senses and make us ready with the mood boost to start our day.

According to the new study and evidence from the researchers and scientists across the globe, consuming a cup of coffee daily not only fine for your health, but it also has the potential to elevate or lengthen your life.

During the year 2018, the coffee brewing industries produced trillions of coffee. It produced unfathomable cups which means the plant has the potential to produce stimulant that has reached the health effects on the other end.

Therefore a study was conducted to analyze which brewing method is best for making coffee for a healthy heart.

Types of brewing coffee

Source: Australian Business Network – WordPress.com

Before going into the core part of the actual study undertaken, let us first know about what are the types of coffee brewing methods that are followed these days. Here are 6 popular methods of brewing coffee at home:

  • Pour-over/drip through coffee cone – filter coffee
  • Plunger/press – French press
  • Aero press
  • Percolate – stovetop Moka pot or boiling coffee method
  • Vacuum – Siphon

Out of all the above brewing methods, the new study revealed that the filtered coffee or drip or pour-over process of making coffee provided results of a 15 % cut in the risk of death among the coffee Purists from any cause.

Cardiovascular risk factors

Source: Free Malaysia Today

As today there are high chances of early cardio arrest among youngsters, the study analyzed that consuming four cups of coffee a day has drastically reduced the percentage of risk among people.

  • 12% decreased risk of death among men
  • 20% decreased death among women

The above study revealed that drinking filtered coffee may actually extend life compared to that of no coffee or unfiltered coffee methods.

The unfiltered coffee contains substances that can elevate blood cholesterol levels. While the filtered coffee removes the substances and thus makes the heart less likely to get the attack.

Shift To Filtered Coffee NOW!!!

Filtered coffee can elevate the chances of living life over a long time according to the recent study. This is the great news to the filtered coffee lovers and bad news for Fresh press or other brewing coffee drinking people across the globe.

Unfiltered or other brewing methods of coffee contain higher amounts of cafestol and kahweol and these are seen as droplets floating in the coffee. While these are absent in the filtered coffee – it ultimately reduces the heart from cardiovascular risks.


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