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Top 10 Designers’ Clothes In India You Can Easily Afford

Fashion is something which both men and women love to do. Keeping yourself updated to the latest fashion trends in town is required at all times. Affordable fashion- is there really a term like this? Or is it just a hoax? There is nothing like affordable fashion.

Everything is available everywhere; from the small retail outlets, local shops, flea markets to a big shopping complex. It is you who needs to find the right sense of realisation as to what you actually need.

We have seen so many fashion trends since our childhood or we could say since the time we started understanding that there is something like making your outfits, your appearance catches the eyes of the crowd.

The Indian apparel industry is one such industry which had taken a fast pace and is not expected to stop in the near future. But have you ever thought of as to how the fashion world had become such talk of matter amongst women? Who are the ones who influence us?

Designers Are Influencers

Source: Frugal2Fab

It is all because of the fashion designers and their brands which creates the want and excitement among us. Today’s generation is brand-oriented, as they say, that brand is equal to quality. If you need good quality then go for a good brand. And which is why fashion enthusiasts don’t mind to spend a few extra rupees if they get good apparel.

Brands basically the labels given by the fashion designers to their piece of work. It reveals their hard work, dedication and love towards their work which needs to get their due credit. All of us out here are able to know about the latest fashion trends and gossips because of these top designers and ultimately from the celebrities or fashion influencers who try them out and tell the world what is trending.

Initially, when brands came into existence, it was meant to target only a particular class, mainly the elite club and the prices were also quite high. It is going on till now, however, the designers understood that a majority portion of the customers lies in the middle and upper-middle sections.

So in order to survive in the market and maintain the same level, it is needed to create affordable fashion to satisfy their needs as well. So here we have brought to you a list of renowned fashion designers in India which will not burn a hole in your pockets and can easily flaunt your favourite outfits from their collection among your people.

After all, we do not need any specific occasion to don our favourite outfits since there is always time to glam up and dress up. So what are we waiting for, let’s begin;

1. Urvashi Kaur

Source: Social and Style

She is the one who creates sustainable fashion keeping in mind the mother nature. There is an element of bohemian feel into all her ensembles which gives the overall outfit a chic look.

Urvashi had mainly focussed on organic material, cotton, linen which soothes our skin during the different seasons. She had also focused that her label is accessible to all the classes of people and accordingly has set her price range starting from just ₹5000.

2. Masaba Gupta

Source: DNA India

Who doesn’t know this lady? Daughter of Neena Gupta and the famous Viv Richards. But Masaba did not keep herself to be known by her parents’ name. She made a mark of herself by coming up with a new brand of her name ‘MASABA’.

Masaba has the ability to style hot and quirky colours and prints along with an ethnic touch which is a complete comfort on our body. She is one of the most talented fashion designers, as she is today’s lady who keeps in mind the requirements of the fellow ladies. Her range begins from around ₹8000-9000.

3. Bhumika Sharma

Source: bhumikasharma.in

so all the Delhi girls, this is your piece of excitement. Bhumika Sharma is a Delhi-based designer and provided a good collection of floral-themed dresses. She had mainly tried to maintain her grip on the Indian taste and culture so that we do not forget our traditions.

The colourful flowery patterns on various designs bring freshness from the routine simple and plain tops. Her outfits can be bought from her own studio or from various other online platforms like The Pernia’s Pop Up Show ranging starting from ₹8500 only.

4. Pernia Qureshi

Source: VOGUE India

up above we mentioned about Pernia’s Pop Up Show, so let us talk about the owner herself, Pernia Qureshi. She is one of the most successful entrepreneurs after her designs were launched for the first time in the film ‘Aisha’ starring Sonam Kapoor.

She thereafter started reaching heights of success with her own venture, Pernia’s Pop Up Show which promotes fellow designers on one single platform. Her style has a sense of sophistic which appeals to everyone. Her price range begins at a nominal range of ₹6500.

5. Maithili Ahluwalia

Source: SUITCASE Magazine

Bungalow 8 is the label and the store name of this fashion designer based in Mumbai. Her outfits have more touch of the contemporary world mixed with the current modernism. Not only clothes, she even produces jewellery, so you need not be bothered about what to accessorise with the outfit. Her dresses are more casual and can be worn wherever you want to start from ₹7500.

6. Nimish Shah

Interior Design & Architecture | Inside fashion designer Nimish ...

Men are not behind in the fashion industry and moving side by side along with women labels. Nimish Shah is one such fashion designer and his label called Shift had completed a decade in the market and marks quite a remarkable trend.

Women, especially of the urban era, would be the most targeted group as it keeps all their needs in mind. Outfits with prints on it are it anything from skirts to tops to dresses, you name it and he has it with prints all over it is one of the most coveted styles running at present. The range is quite nominal beginning from ₹7000.

7. Rohit Bal

Source: PeepingMoon.com

All the women who are reading this would surely have heard or tried outfits of Biba. Isn’t it! Biba which focusses on the ethnic wear decided to collaborate with Rohit Bal for his uniqueness and ideas to bring more content among its customers.

Biba is currently one of the most fashionable labels providing women ethnics at a very reasonable price. Whenever you think to don Indianwear for festivals mainly, BiBa is one such brand which is our first priority to check out.

8. Ritu Kumar

Source: Vaga Bomb

The Label Ritu Kumar is I can say the most affordable fashion luxury to afford. If one goes to her store, you would not come empty-handed for sure. The prices are so nominal which we generally spend during our shopping days. She has her stores all over India which deals with all outfit types- bridal, casual, corporate which is so comfy and does not make your wallets empty.

She is in the fashion industry even before our childhood and has created a niche for herself. Everybody knows her and for her intrinsic use of colourful fabrics, prints and designs. You can check out her website for more with a price tag starting from ₹4000 only.

9. Aanchal Kohli

Source: Justdial (Meraki: Brand of Aanchal Kohli)

so girls, if you are the one who loves to play with pop colours and love trendy silhouettes then Aanchal Kohli’s fashion label, Meraki is the one for you to grab your attention. She provides a blend of both modern and contemporary worlds for today’s women.

And when it does not shake your shopping budgets, so why would you not binge shop from her with the range starting from ₹4000 only.

10. Anita Dongre

Source: Entrepreneur

Not the least to mention about, she is one of the preferences of celebrities. I can challenge you that almost all the girls have even shopped from her collection. You have heard about the brand names ‘AND’ and ‘Global Desi’, yes, it is her labels which are available for use in the common markets.

She is a complete package of providing the latest fashion trend going. Her collection is something unique which makes the crowd look towards you. So now you must have guessed the price range beginning from only ₹1600.

Identify Your Type And Happy Shopping

So all the lovely women out there, now before thinking where to head out, don’t forget the fashion designers we mentioned without burning a hole in your pockets and stay up with your fashion goals. Till then, happy shopping.

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