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Top Handmade Fashion Jewellery Ideas


We buy silver, gold or diamond jewellery from time to time but handmade fashion jewellery has a certain sentimental value. Far away from traditional, versatile in colour, always something new and unique. As well as eco friendly. Especially on high streets, we prefer handmade fashion jewellery rather than the expensive jewels from the departmental store. Inspired from the street style, we have brought you such inspiring ideas of the handmade jewellery, add them while on the high street or in the festival party.

Handmade jewellery

Handmade Bracelets

When you are at the high streets, you can find varieties of bracelets. Bracelets with different colours, different shapes and different layers. The below is heart shapes with different colours added in the bracelet. Which you can pair up with shorts or jeans of neutral colour. There is no restriction to top colour.

Handmade bracelete

Beads bracelets are in trend with different colours. You can wear different colours at a time with the complementary colour of your dress. Here are some images from which you can take an idea.

Head Jewellery

This is the unique jewellery for any festival. Knitted properly with the addition of other materials, it will give you the most different look. This can be styled with different hairstyles and with beautiful hairs. We care for your hairs. Click here to know how to care for your hairs.

Handmade Jewellery

Handmade woollen Bangles

We are familiar with the glass bangles and the plastic bangles. But these woollen bangles are light in the weight and at the same time the one bangle is a mixture of many colours. Pair up it with appropriate dress and you are ready with this new bangle look.

Handmade woollen rings

Silver, gold and metallic rings are our everyday fashion rings. But the knitted handmade woollen rings are more eye-catchy. Available in different colours and design, these rings don’t hurt your fingers.

Feather Earrings

Accessorizing properly is a skill to catch the crowd’s attention towards you. And feather earrings are unique in look, lightweight, easy to handle and cheap in price. While traditional metal earrings are heavy, difficult to handle in rush and are not available in different colours. Knitted with threads and beads these earrings will make you stand out not only on the high street but also in a party.


Handmade flower Bracelet

The beautiful flowers sewed properly with the beautiful colour combination. It’s perfect for the wedding ceremony or to pair up with the beautiful barbie dress of yours. If the dress colour is blue then go with blue and white flowers, similarly, for the other colours, add just white flowers and leaves to make a great combination.

Beads Necklaces

There are beads available in different kind of materials. Wooden and plastic beads are quite popular amongst them. Threaded in different colours and as well flattering threads at the end. The beads are different shades and glassy is good for the festival. For everyday use, you can try black or other neutral colour bead necklaces which suits almost every dress.

Wooden Necklaces

Wooden necklaces are unique in look. Available in pop colours and multiple designs. They are easy to catch the attention even in the whole crowd. Wear it in festivals with floral printed maxi, jumpsuit or with the flattering top.


Handmade Purses

Handmade purses now are available in different colours with different designs. They are long-lasting as well as easy to wash. It’s now trending in street style fashion. It goes best with the ethnical wears. Click here to select the right ethnic wear for you.

There is also bamboo style handmade purses available in the market. Long-lasting, unique and available in different designs and sizes. Choose the best according to the occasion.



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