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What Is Couture? Know Everything About This Trending Fashion Term

Whenever we talk about couture, it is confusing. Haute couture is a term and the houses of fashion are only granted this designation by the French ministry of industry. Until the season, it was named as demi-couture. It was allowed to use the haute couture appellation earlier this month.

In other words, Haute couture is nothing but the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. Couture is a high-end fashion dress that is manufactured by hand from start to finishing stage. It is made out of high quality, expensive and more often unusual fabric. Haute Couture was sewn with extensive attention over the finished products.

Source: Vogue

In general, clothes don’t get popularity or fame just they are being sold or debut in popular shops or in Paris, or because they are in the walk a runway. To design couture you must require a certificate by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and should follow several rules:

  • The design that is manufactured or made for an order to private clients with one or more fittings
  • Should have an atelier in Paris that employs at least around 15 people to work in full time
  • Each season should present a collection of clothes that contains a minimum of 35 looks for day and night

To get the label of this, it is necessary to play the game by the rules. There are many such things to determine whether the house can be Haute or not. This needs to contain a minimum of 20 employees.

It should be able to produce 25 outfits per season. These rules were rewritten many times. Haute Couture was considered to be the first formalized after World War II.

Though the first couturier in the world is the Charles Frederic worth was a Brit, there are Persians and French houses are certified, couturiers.

Other Couture Collections

Source: AEWorld

NEON BAROQUE collection channel which is the spring-summer 2020 Haute-Couture the collection and their fabrics are: lace, tweed, satin, and the colours include pastel and acid tones. With the inclusive of other silver lames and finishing’s, it has taken 3 hours for a single hand to stitch these seams along with one meter of fabric material. Some times to prepare the hidden seams it has taken around 35 hours of work for the great atelier.

Here Are Some Of The Best Haute Couture Designers

  • Elie saab,
  • Jean Paul Gaultier,
  • Karl Lagerfeld,
  • Elsa Schiapar, etc.

There are some strict regulations that are needed to be followed including:

To be called an Haute couture house, a business should be the syndicate chamber for the Haute Couture in Paris, that is regulated by the French Department of Industry.

Glittering Names That Are Popular

Source: The New York Times

The syndicate has around 18 members including fashion giants as Coco Chanel, Pierre Cardin, and Christian Dior. This house is popular and known to generate more than a billion sales and employ close to 5000 people.

These employs are specialized in stitching including feathers, fabric, shoes, etc. Before the world war, these people were working at couture houses.


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