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What Is Middle Age Spread? How To Stop It?

Gaining unwanted weight is a nightmare for most women. They gain unwanted weight as they age. Luckily, this is not something that is inevitable. If you fall under this category, you just need to make some changes in your lifestyle including your diet

What Is Middle Age Spread

There are times when you feel your weight has increased with your age. It becomes difficult to handle that situation, both physically and mentally. It particularly takes place during the menopause period.

Source: The Telegraph

However, menopause weight gain is not something that can not be prevented. All you need to do is make some changes in your lifestyle, eating habits, and other things that unknowingly affect your body.

Cause Of Menopause Weight Gain

There are several factors that are responsible for this irregular weight gain. Hormonal fluctuations of menopause can also the weight around your abdomen. But, these changes alone do not certainly increase weight.

The primary reasons for weight gain include several factors other than hormonal change during the menopause period. Instead, weight gain is usually related to aging, as well as lifestyle and genetic factors.

With the increase in age, although your muscle mass decreases but body fat increases. When you lose muscle mass, it reduces the rate of calory intake and harms your metabolism. It, in turn, makes it more challenging to maintain a steady weight at this age.

Source: Longevity Live

Sometimes, Genetic factors can also result in menopause weight gain. For example, if either of your mother or father carry extra body weight, there are chances that you will likely gain weight around your abdomen with age.

Several other factors might also affect your weight. They include lack of exercise, not enough sleep, poor eating habits, poor lifestyle, etc. very much contribute towards unwanted weight gain. If you do not get enough sleep, you will have cravings for food. It would increase the consumption of calory intake.

Drawbacks Of Menopause Weight Gain

Menopause weight gain can harm your body in different ways. It not affects your body physically but affects it mentally as well. Risks of gaining weight after menopause are as following;

  • Type 2 Diabetes (Because of excessive consumption of sugar)
  • Breathing Problems (Because of unhealthy lifestyle)
  • Heart and Blood Vessels Problems (Due to bad cholesterol levels)
  • It may also give rise to various cancer ( Endometrial Cancers, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, and many others)

Ways To Prevent Yourself From Weight Gain After Menopause

Source: Vox

There are no surgeries or treatments that can help you from weight gain. It just requires your dedication and will power. All you need to do is convert all your unhealthy habits into healthy habits.

Source: The Independent

It can be done in the following ways;

<> Eat As Required

  • The easiest yet the most challenging task is to improve your eating habits. To maintain your present weight, you need about 200 fewer calories in your 50s. All you need to do is start eating healthy. Avoid eating unhealthy food items and always keep a strict check on what you are eating.
  • In simple terms, stop eating junk and shift your diet to fruits and vegetables. Chose whole grains that are not processed and are rich in fiber. Avoid eating unprocessed and red meat. Start eating nuts, fish, soy, dairy products, etc., that will improve your metabolism.
  • You must also start using oils instead of butter and cheese. Use Olive Oil, Mustard Oil, and other healthy vegetable oils.

<> Work Out MoreĀ 

  • Physical activities and strength training can certainly help you shed excess body fat. It will help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your body starts burning calories more rapidly once you start gaining muscle strength.
  • Many health experts recommend aerobic activities including brisk walking for about 150 minutes a weak and more. Other physical activities like running, jogging, etc., help you in losing weight more efficiently.
  • In short, to maintain your weight, you must work out regularly. It is recommended that work out at least twice a day.

<> Reduce Alcohol Consumption

For some of you, alcohol would be a must in a day. You need to limit your drinking habits as alcohol increases calory intake.

Believe In Yourself

There is nothing that you can not overcome in life. Excess weight is just a small part of our daily lives. Believe in yourself and change your lifestyle. You will definitely experience some amazing results.

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