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Win A Conversation: Attractive Trait Of People


There are some people who have that attractive trait in them. You know what I mean to say. People with a personality that they can conquer it all with their attitude towards their conversation. When having a conversation you need to make sure that everyone is listening to you and get convinced by your point, whether it’s a meeting or date with your girlfriend. You have to had the impression that when you walk into the room you should feel like you are the best person to talk to. Read this article to know how you can instantly Win a conversation and make people like you.

Have A Smile On Your Face

Win A Conversation: Attractive Trait Of People
Win A Conversation: Attractive Trait Of People

A positive nature is always attracted by people you are talking to be it your friends or your colleagues. Having a good smile on your face is a good trait that will help you wind a conversation you are having. Moreover, having a smile maintained on your face leaves the other person thinking about you and your nature. So while you are keeping up a conversation it is essential to keep that smile on your face.

Make sure that there’s nothing stuck between your teeth because that can be seen by people and it will feel like gross having something stuck in your teeth. Brushing daily and flossing ensures that nothing is stuck between your teeth when you are talking to someone.

Smell Good

Win A Conversation: Attractive Trait Of People
Win A Conversation: Attractive Trait Of People

Smelling good is also essential to leave an impression on the person you are talking to. Wear cologne or body spray to feel good and smell good. Bad smell from your body can leave you unnoticed or even worse it can leave a bad impression on the person your talking too. While you put on cologne you need to make sure that you are not putting too much, a small amount would be enough.

Walk-In Open Body Manner

Well, people can judge you the way you walk or talk. If you are using an open body to express yourself and when walking into the room this can surely leave a good impression on the people there. Walking in an open body manner means taking large steps with your hands swinging openly, it should not be short steps. Short steps are a sign of a closed body manner.

Similarly, when you are talking to someone you should maintain an open body language. An open body language can be like using your hands for giving expression. When talking to someone you should make sure that you are not having your arms crossed or in your pockets. This makes other people feel that you are a bit shy and not confident to talk.

Win A Conversation: Attractive Trait Of People
Win A Conversation: Attractive Trait Of People

Hype Up Yourself

Hype your confidence, you should maintain that expression on your face that you know it all only then you can feel like a knowledgeable person. When you walk inside the room talk to everyone there in confidence or maybe introduce yourself. When asked to speak represent yourself as you are the best. Don’t stammer and try not to be nervous.

Maintain An Eye Contact

The key to public speaking is maintaining eye contact with the person you are talking to. Eye contact makes the person feel comfortable around you and also lets you set a vibe in the environment. For instance, if you want to share anything with a person then they need to be comfortable with them only then you can share your thoughts. Take it from the view of another person as well. When you are talking to a person make sure that you maintain eye contact. When talking on the stage then you should look straight and try to look into the eyes of everyone. If you will not maintain eye contact then it will make your image like the person who memorizes everything but does not speak it from their heart.


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